Workshop - Managing Pressure: Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities At Jaypee Vasant Continental

Workshop - Managing Pressure: Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities At Jaypee Vasant Continental


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Workshop - Managing Pressure: Turn Obstacles into Opportunities.

Learn how to Build Emotional Quotient and Adversity Quotient so that you can handle difficult situations and turn obstacles into opportunities !

These days a lot of people feel as though they're being asked to do the impossible.

Because they're good at what they do, employees are expected to do more, fix problems, handle crises, and in general, cope with all variety of situations with a clear and level head. Managers are expected to deal not only with their own pressure, but also with the pressure of the people they manage. Pressure situations are different for everyone: what causes one person to feel pressured won't be true for someone else. In other words, one person's stress is another's excitement. Equally, it is not pressure itself which is the problem, but the way in which people react to that pressure.Successful Managers actualy turn the obstacles they face into Opportunities !

Workshop Objective : The current business environment has become increasingly challenging, raising the stakes for every move we make as a Manager. This cutting edge workshop will facilitate the participants to manage pressure better and take challenging decisions. More importantly, participants will be exposed to the concept of Emotional Intelligence and Adversity Quotient to stay resilient and turn obstacles into opportunities.

Fees and Registration - The fee which covers breakfast, lunch & tea/coffee as well as reading material, Rs Rs 7,500/- plus service tax @10% and education cess @3% = Rs.8,273 /- per participant. For the organizations sending three and more delegates the fee is Rs. 7,000/- plus service tax @10% Plus education cess @3% = Rs. 7,721 per participant.

Program Design -

Managing 'Self ' and 'Others' through Emotional Intelligence :
Self-discovery: Measure your Emotional Quotient.
Build Competencies to manage self, being self aware of internal state.
Self regulation and enhance motivation to reach goals, despite adverse circumstances.
Build Empathy and develop Influencing skills to handle difficult people.

Adversity Quotient - Turning obstacles into opportunities:
Self-discovery: Measure your Adversity Quotient.
Enhance, control, ownership and endurance that you have over an adverse event.
How to convert obstacles into opportunities.
Video Clips and worksheets.

Taking Decision under pressure:
Decision Making under pressure Activity.
Video based learning.

Handling Difficult Situations:
Being Proactive.
Taking difficult decisions and facing the consequnces.
Video based learning using a combination Emotional Intelligence and Adversity Quotient.

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