Workshop - Decision Making And Taking Ownership At Jaypee Vasant Continental

Workshop - Decision Making And Taking Ownership At Jaypee Vasant Continental


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Performance EDGE Presents Workshop - Decision Making And Taking Ownership.

In this Workshop on Decision Making, you will gain a valuable behavioral understanding that will give you the foundation to move forward in your professional life through effective decision-making strategies. You will learn how to make the right decision, persuade other to accept your decision and also help you to face the consequences of the decisions you have made.

Workshop Objective : Judgment is the essence of effective leadership. It is a contextually informed decision making process encompassing three domains - people, strategy and crisis.

Within each domain, leadership judgments follow a three-phase process: preparation, the call and execution. Good judgment is anchored on the template of Emotional Intelligence. This enables Leaders to take ownership of their decision and face the consequences accordingly.

This workshop will help participants understand the entire decision making process preparation, Decision, Execution and Understanding the Impact of the Decision they have made. This will significantly help improve the quality of their decisions.

Topics to be covered: (1-day)

Judgments and Leader -
The Role of the Leader / Framework for Leadership judgment / How good Leaders decide / Independent assessment of the way you make decisions / Leadership in a crisis.

Problem Solving -
Problem Solving Skills / Problem Solving Steps / Creative thinking / Decision Making / Case Discussions.

Decision Making -
Activity / Team Decision Making / How one can influence many / Videobased learning.

Emotional Intelligence at work -
Self-awareness, regulation and motivation / Empathy / Effective Relationships / Taking Ownership and Taking Charge.

Fees and Registration : The fee which covers breakfast, lunch & tea/coffee as well as reading material,Rs 7,500/- plus service tax @10% and education cess @3% = Rs.8,273 /- per participant. For the organizations sending three and more delegates the fee is Rs. 7,000/- plus service tax @10% Plus education cess @3% = Rs. 7,721 per participant.

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