Workshop - Call Of The Sufis, Opening The Heart

Workshop - Call Of The Sufis, Opening The Heart


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An ecstatic introduction to the world of Sufism, which is neither a religion nor and ideology. It is a vast sky of consciousness, a merging with all of existence. One becomes a sufi by dropping from the head to the heart and being filled with love. Akash will use different techniques like rhythm, breath, voice, sound and dance; to enter a state of centeredness, silence and emptiness.

Akash Dharamaraj is a Sufi master, instructor in Gurdjieff sacred dances, and a practicing psychotherapist. Trained in Sufi dance – meditation practices and Fourth Way Techniques; she uses crystals, essential oils, colors, traditional chakra healing systems, reiki, music, movement and dance in her work. Akash has understood the depth of body-mind connections in her last 20 years of work, and creates  healing systems around individuals and groups.

Rs. 12,000 (includes facilitation, food, stay in twin sharing in standard room & triple sharing in duplex. Single occupancy option available).

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