Workshop - Building & Leading High Performance Teams

Workshop - Building & Leading High Performance Teams


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Workshop - Building & Leading High Performance Teams.

The Apollo team put the first man on the moon. The first personal computers - both the Mac and the IBM - were the creations of small teams. But Building and Leading a Team to effectively accomplish its goals is no easy task.

Think about it. You have to be able to create teams. You have to improve teams that are in place. You have to tap into diverse skills of all the members. You have to create the right environment within the organization for teams to grow, to make a solid contribution. You have to catalyze fresh ideas for new products, better processes, and pursue new business opportunities. You have to provide structure and direction - and you have to be able to identify potential problems early enough to do something about it.

This workshop on 'Building and Leading High Performance Teams' will provide you with the practical tools and concepts which can be applied at the work place to generate extraordinary results from your team.

Program Topics - Day 1.

Program Overview:
Why do we need Teams - Group vs. Team / Team Effectiveness Model / Turning Spectators into Participants.

Team Formation - Task, Composition and Performance / Team Formation Exercise / Problem Solving
/ Discover Leadership Style.

Team Process and Decision Making - The Inner-working of Successful Teams / How one can influence many Film: 'Twelve Angry Men / Conflict Resolution / Video clip based Learning's.

Building Emotional Intelligence in Teams - Individual vs. Group Emotions / Working with Group Emotions.

Day 2 -

Using Influencing Skills to Achieve Breakthrough Results - Handling difficult situations / Leading by influencing.

Collaboration for Drive Team Performance - Team Inter-dependance / Complementory skills / Inter-Team Collaboration / Build on Learning from group activity.

High Performance Teams which Deliver - Case-Global Best Practice / Learning's from the Case.

Managing Team Performance - Work Processes / Roles and Responsibility / Right Measures to help team excel / Team Performance Dash Board.

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