The Internal Working of Motivation

The Internal Working of Motivation


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About The Event




It's been exciting and challenging to coach people on behaviour and language the past 4 years. We all share the same difficulties at different levels.


One of the things I have found that is (1) critical to a healthy view of life, and (2) critical to a healthy view of the self, is to be clear about our motives and what motivates us.


At the group-discussion-based 3 hr workshop, you and I are going to be exploring the many facets of motivation and clarity of thought.


We will talk about the energy.


We will talk about big picture vs. small picture and do we zoom-in and zoom-out.


What is means-goals and what is ends-goals?


What is the difference between intuiting and sensing?


Join in on our discussion and build clarity of thought on motives and motivation. :)




When you reach the venue, do call me and I'll guide you to where we are at the Cubbon Park.


Still confused? Come to Cafe Coffee Day Square and we'll guide you. :)


This isn't really a paid workshop but I thought a convenience charge of INR 100 is apt here. It's really cool either way! ;)




Still unsure?


Call me and I'll help you see if this is a good workshop for you.


My name is Maher Hamdan and I can be reached on 9738055985.



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