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Women fit


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About The Event


Swiss Ball is one of the most dynamic and versatile pieces of fitness equipment available today. Swiss Ball offers you a fun, safe and highly effective way to exercise. Swiss Ball is used in developing balance and core strength. Through proper training of Swiss Ball usage from AMOL's expert team you can learn to get core strength, posture correction, balance, body awareness, flexibility and even cardiovascular fitness from this simple piece of equipment. As per the requirements of the participants specific exercises are demonstrated.


In the workshop you learn :


Good Posture, Stability ball basics, Sizing, Care & Storage, Balance & Coordination exercises, Cardiovascular Exercise, Abdominal / Core Exercises, Upper Body Strengthening, Lower Body Strengthening, Protocols of Fitness.


Benefits of the Workshop :


Balance, Kinesthetic, Coordination, Strength, Awareness, Individual Muscle Strength and mainly Good Posture.


 Exercise performed in the floor will give a stable support.But exercise performed on the ball thrice the amount of muscle work.


For E.g: Sitting on the floor is easier than sitting on the ball without Support & imbalance


A Individual muscle strength is important to lead a healthy life style(PAIN FREE LIFE) especially pelvic floor muscles.(Hip Muscles)


Strengthening of pelvic floor muscles can be achieved easily in Gym ball


Women's Wellness:


  • PCOD
  • Irregular Periods
  • Delayed Fertility
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Obesity
  • Excess Belly
  • Low back pain


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