What it takes to be A Woman Entrepreneur

What it takes to be A Woman Entrepreneur


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About The Event

What it Takes to be a Woman Entrepreneur  :-

Woman Be yourself. Being an entrepreneur is hard work; getting a business off the ground is a long, torturous process.

You might as well enjoy the journey by having fun and being authentic than ape or copy someone else.


Own your success. Women are notorious for not taking ownership of their success.
Finances / Funding comes in hard because by default, investors may have never seen a woman really take on something big.


Most women grow up being prepared to be servants than be a Master..
However naturally every woman dreams of being a Queen.


Most woman entrepreneurs are neither engineers or programmers...
It takes a different set of thinking hat to become a woman entrepreneur




Why You should there be an woman entrepreneur

Because Its so difficult even for a man to be an entrepreneur.

However when a woman dresses her courage and desires, 

She can makes it Big... Very BIG.
But if she is not Courageous.. She FEARs Big.


A Woman Entrepreneur needs to DEVELOP.

  • Notice the key word here is “develop,” not “already have.”
  • The desire, willingness, and ability to learn new skills & habits.
  • THE COURAGE not to quit till you get it.
  • All the above contributes to the success of a women entrepreneur.

3 things that are important to achieving success in business are :

  • Best Business Attitude: Be Courageous and refusal to quit when things get tough.
  • Most Valuable Skill: Networking. Networking. Networking.
  • Strongest Personality Trait: Having thick skin (being objective).


Know The Researched FACTS :-

  • Why Women don't support each other.
  • Why Women entrepreneurs are afraid of failure.
  • Why Women entrepreneurs think they need to act like men.
  • Why Women often lack the support of other Women Entrepreneurs.
  • Why Emotions and nurturing skills can affect Women Entrepreneurs
  • Why Women-owned startups receive significantly less investor funding.
  • Why Many women have to balance raising families with running their businesses.
  • Why Indian Women could not go beyond School, Boutiques, Beauty Parlours, Saloons etc.
  • Why you don't become Woman Entrepreneurs by reading book, and attending seminars/Courses.


Learn How To :-

  • Grow a thick skin.
  • Be prepared for A LOT of questions
  • Enjoy Being a female as it has a lot of advantages.


So You want to be an Entrepreneur !!!
And you want it to START Today ... Register today its... FREE :-

  • Know How Easy it is to Own a Business.
  • How to Network and Raise Funding for your Business.
  • Run Co-operative Trust Funds, easier to manage and Great Return on Investment.
  • No past experience. No Problem. Own a Business which will be operate by itself.
  • Get Experience, while owning a Business. Become a Serial Entrepreneur.
  • Embrace your inexperience. Ignorance is bliss.
  • Celebrate other women



All This and many more from an Experienced Woman Psychology Expert :-
Researching Since 2003, have created many successful women out of Nobodies.
Are you a Woman, Do you have the burning desire to be a Queen. Join US Today.


Never has anyone researched on Woman Entrepreneurship with such clarity & depth before.  

Any donations / proceeds goes to Cancer Research Foundation operated by DL R&D Trust


Register Today :- 

FREE  &   Only For Females 

Snacks included

Dr. Rekha Damani
+91 95337 76783

Venue : Lane Before KIMS Hospital coming from Minister Road. PG Road, Secunderabad.


All India Tour is Scheduled in 2016 :-
Event Organizers, Manager, Sponsors are Welcome to join in.





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