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Dear Pune citizens,

I am reaching out to you as a concerned citizen of this planet, who has been trying to work towards its sustainability. We all know that the planet is under severe threat due to growing concerns of climate change, food shortage, human security, peace and love. While trying to address one of these issues, I became part of a social community network "WISER" (www.wiser.org). WISER is a social network of over 70,000 individuals from across the globe who have been working on various social issues for development and protection of planet in a sustainable manner. 

This is an independent movement started by a few social innovators and change makers, who just want to ensure that all basic issues are addressed and people who have been working on various social issues get access to latest information and can adopt best working practices. While Wiser already has over 120,000 organizations listed  covering over 375 issue areas, and now there have been some large groups from India who are seeking our support in expanding their social network drives. You can get more details about our movement on http://www.blessedunrest.com/video.html.

While various members from different continents across the globe have started participating in this movement online we feel that it is essential for social change makers to meet face to face, so that they are able to interact, network, share their experiences and find a solution to their routine issues. In order to do so, we started social meetups in form of WiserLocal's in different regions. In India we started the first WiserLocal in Delhi last year and subsequent meetups in Bangalore and Kolkata this year. You can get more details about WiserLocal on www.wiserlocal.org

We are happy to launch WiserLocal in Pune from this month to connect and interact with social communities from Pune. We would like to invite you to participate in the introductory meetup in your city and work towards this noble movement. In the introductory meetup we would like the citizens to discuss about various social issues which they have been trying to address in their local environment.

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