Winter is Coming Crawl

Winter is Coming Crawl


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About The Event

It’s about time. Winter is coming, it’s almost here. As our very own Westros aka Delhi prepares for the inevitable White Walkers, we at DrinksOnMe thought of convening a feast of Ice & Fire for its “Nights Watch“ but hushhh the wildlings must not know for we only have limited supplies to last the winter.

While the seven kingdoms fight it out to capture the Iron Throne, three of them, House of Matchbox, House of Maquina and House of OTB have decided to take a chill pill and host the feast in order to win the alliance of the Nights Watch. Who cares about the Iron Throne once the White Walkers arrive right? Quite foxy we must admit.

Meanwhile the Khaleesi is getting ready to supply dragon blood to the kingdoms to ensure tipsiness, one of its several healing properties (Well she has given up her plans to capture the throne and decided to pawn her dragons for some quick moolah, What else did u expect, she was living amongst traders and was being advised by Tyrion Lannistor! ).

Oh and obviously Jon Snow knows nothing of all this.

So what’s this all about?
The Winter is Coming Crawl is a tipsy march for all inhabitants of Delhi who think winter must be taken seriously and that GoT is not just a series , it’s a way of life.

Who can participate?
Queens & princesses, Brothers of the nights watch, dragon slayers, knights, Khaleesis, Khals. Oh and everyone above 21 please. Westros has restricted entries for kings below 21 after Joffrey wrecked havoc in all 7 kingdoms.

What’s included?
•       Dragon Blood , Lots of it
•       Out of control GoT games (Remember in this game of thrones you either get wasted or you get wasted)
•       Major & minor alliances
•       Buy a drink at any of the Kingdoms( Matchbox, Maquina & OTB ) and get the second drink free with our compliments
•       Free of charge, unrestricted entry at all the kingdoms(bars) included in the crawl

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