Windows Phone Camp, scheduled to be held on 28th January at ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad

Windows Phone Camp, scheduled to be held on 28th January at ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad


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About The Event

Why you should attend? 

 The Windows Phone opportunity: A new kid on the block? An established ecosystem? The next big thing? What is Windows Phone after all?

This session gives a big picture of the opportunity that lies in Windows Phone ecosystem. Highlights the philosophy, the platform capabilities, how it ties in with the existing assets – cloud, office, Sharepoint etc. Attending this session will help you understand what is the opportunity that Windows Phone has for Consumers, Businesses, Enterprises, .coms, Developers etc.  We will talk about how you can leverage your current skills on the Microsoft platform and get the most out of this opportunity.

Getting Started – tools & marketplace: This is a level 100 hands on session that gives a walk-through from scratch, starting from installing the dev tools, building the first app, testing it on the emulator, creating the marketplace account and submitting the app. The session emphasizes on the overall stages that a business/developer should be aware of.

Designing Applications for Windows Phone: This is a level 200 session, in which we will talk about the design and user experience philosophy of Windows Phone. In this session developers and designers will learn what are things they should keep in mind to make their applications shine on the Windows Phone. We will also cover how to use expression tools, share design resources (icons, templates etc.) during this session.

Developing Applications for Windows Phone: This is a level 300 session that introduces developers to the core concepts of programming on WP. How to leverage the features like camera, launchers/choosers, Live tiles, Fast App Switching, tasks, various controls, bing maps etc. This session will focus on the depth concepts of Windows Phone Development.

Making your application submission ready: This is a level 200 session explaining things to keep in mind before you submit the app to market place. Using the Market Place Test Kit, Performance Analysis Tool, Trial API, Integrating Ads etc.

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