Wildlife Photography Introduction and Sneak Peak 30 July

Wildlife Photography Introduction and Sneak Peak 30 July


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About The Event

Experience Deion This tour that I am hosting via SeekSherpa aims to impart knowledge of photography, with special focus to wildlife and nature, in the travelers. In the past few years, Delhi zoo has grown tremendously in terms of quantity as well as quality. It now has decent numbers of rare and exquisite animal and bird species, which even though enclosed, never fail to awe one and all. The park is green and clean, well-maintained and well-managed, and would get the child in you out. A common pain point with a lot of us is that even though we own a DSLr, we hardly use it. Those who do, use the Automatic mode most of the times. By doing so, you are missing out on the major fun part, the Manual Mode. Manual mode is where the real photographic artistry comes into play. The modern D-SLR is very intelligent. It will get you a pleasing image on Automatic mode almost all of the time. But in no way can the cameras (or any machine); no matter how advanced it might be, beat human creativity. You want to create your photographs? Or do you want your camera to do the photography for you? In this walk, apart from introduction to basics and some finer nuances of photography such as lighting, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, lens selection, manual mode, filters, and white balance I will also take you through the National Zoological Park, commonly known as Delhi Zoo, and we will get to see some of the best species of the wild.

Price Inclusion

Sherpa Fees

Starts At

National Zoological Park Ticket Counter (~ 1741 Kms away)


Entry ticket: Rs 90 (Rs 50 per adult, Rs 40 per camera). You can carry Rs.200-300 for food and beverages, however not much variety is available inside the park.

Suited For

Amateur Photographers w/o DSLr,Amateur Photographers with DSLr,Professional Photographers


Outside food is strictly a no-no inside the park. Do carry a water bottle and sun protection gear since we will be roaming around the park for majority of the time. Wear good walking shoes and comfortable, loose clothes, nothing flashy. Fully charge your camera and backup and format your memory card! Avoid carrying your entire kit. Just your main camera body with the longest telephoto lens you have.

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