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Why we do not need Formal Education anymore ?


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 " School is the place where children learn to be stupid, by other people controlling their learning"  — John Holt

Our Centuries old Formal Education, which is delivered through public and private institutions has become a factory of producing millions and millions of students every year, who are just plain stupid. Most of the students from these colleges, do not know what they learned, why they learned, and do not know what to do with what they learned. They just end up doing whatever job they get, and some spend years doing nothing. Some end up going for training institutions, trying to gain some skills.


A large number of students from ordinary colleges end up being unskilled, lack-reasoning, lack-questioning, lack self-learning abilities. In this current age of technology, we do not need this type of education system anymore. People all over the world are recognizing the drawback's of formal education and are finding new ways to change the status-quo. 


This meetup is to come together and discuss the various issues that are prevailing in the Formal Education.In this meetup, there would be a brief presentation about what is wrong with the formal education, how it affects students and we will explore what other options do we have apart from Formal Education.


Let us share ideas, discuss them to find ways to have a more progressive learning experience for the students. Please come up any creative ideas that can be used to make use of the latest technology and other ways, so that the current generation students do not end up doing the same mistake we had made.!!


Your suggestions and inputs would help us to put into action by forming an Organisation, which will encourage the students to take up new methods of learning. Anyone who is interested can be a member of this Organisation.


To help us to be more connected, I have created a WatsApp, FB and Meetup  Group


Please feel free to join the Groups and share your thoughts.


Quit Formal Education:




Facebook Group Link: 

 Meetup Group

Thanks .!! 

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