WhatsApp Workshop on Money Karma Healing and DNA Money Activation

WhatsApp Workshop on Money Karma Healing and DNA Money Activation


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About The Event

 WhatsApp Workshop on Money Karma Healing and DNA Money Activation for 5days by Dr.Rinki Srivastav starting from 15th to 19th March + 1 Complementary Ancestral Healing on 20th March

If you feel any of the following:

* Despite of putting lots of efforts & time, still not able to make as much Money as you want.
* Any issue related to lack of money.
* Not getting that much money that you deserve
* Facing delayed in receiving payments in business. etc..


Do you intend to reach to the next level of financial Abundance...

If yes, then this workshop might be benefitted.

Some people have abundance of money and still attracting more of it, while others despite of put in lots of efforts & time get a little,and have lack and scarcity because of Money Karma.

Money Karma plays vital role in our financial condition.This karma can be from this life, past lives or passed down from genetic and Ancestral lineage.

Bring yourself in frequencies of harmony with Money energy and get your DNA Money Activation.

Though an intense personalised healings are required, still on demand taking this opportunity to do healings as much as possible through WhatsApp Workshop so that everybody can be benefited.

*All participants will get a complimentary Ancestors Healing on 20th March*

Benefits of this workshop

Get your Healings done on:

* Money Karma Healings (present and past lives)
* Genetic money karma
* Ancestral money karma
* Money Activation and divine blessings
* Harmony and Alignment with money frequency etc..

Healing energies will be transmitted in the evening around 9:00-10:00 pm (Indian standard time). The energy will be available for next 24 hours after my transmission, so people staying abroad or any place can receive anytime within next 24 hours according to their convenience.

Energy Exchange: Rs. 750

To know more and to book your event:

1. Call us on +91 9821905370 or whatsapp us on +91 8504009974
2. Email us on awnish@thesilverlining.co.in, with your name and contact number