Whats Up With Hyderabad Women

Whats Up With Hyderabad Women


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Whats Up With Hyderabad Women??

A heartbroken romantic sets out on a search for love in the city of broken dreams. What's up With Hyd Women? is a quirky and fun take on a guy's search for love in a confused, urban and hybridized Hyd. It brings various female stereotypes that exist in Hyd to the forefront. This play has characters who resemble people we all know - pretentious Jubilee Hills Janaki Road, the innocent but cunning Mahalaxmi from Malleswaram, the neurotic bhavana from Banjara Hills, the crazy secunderabad sanaa and the manipulative Panjugutta Paya;. The play exposes each one of their true colors in a comical fashion.This play is not for the faint-hearted!!

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