What Women DO NOT know about Money

What Women DO NOT know about Money


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About The Event

As Women, how many of us feel, this way?

  • Money is a man’s territory
  • I don’t understand money, its too complicated
  • If I take risks with money, I will lose everything
  • I do not have money to do anything
  • I hate asking my husband for money
  • Handling money is soooo stressful
  • It is unattractive for a women to talk money


If any of this sounds familiar, then this workshop is for YOU.

Watch this video -


Today we are earning more money independently than our mothers and grandmothers. Yet, money remains the #1 cause of discord or disharmony in families. 

Making money, growing money and keeping money is a skill that is essential for EVERY WOMAN to be truly independent and empowered.

This one day workshop will teach you to :

  • Understand why you do not have money you say you want
  • De-stress everything associated with money…whether it is the pattern of debts that you have, over spending, underspending, undervaluing
  • End all negative emotions like fear, shame, rebellion about money.
  • Learn the world’s best money management system so that make more money, save more money & spend better.

About Facilitators:

International Trainers & Life Coaches, Sheila Ram Mohan & Ruchika Jain have been working with women and young adults for over 18 years now.  Their workshops at Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi have created massive shifts in many people and truly transformed beyond their imagination!

You can read their complete profiles at: 



Here's what the previous participants said:

Medha wrote in, “ Its been raining money ever since I did your workshop”

Raji says, "Plenty of hidden beliefs came out and I learnt how to deal with the obstacles to my making money in life…I am already experiencing a difference"

Natasha  “ Everyone whether struggling or not SHOULd attend this workshop…they should make it mandatory in schools and colleges.

Shilpa  says “ Jab se maine tumhara system follow kiya, mere paas paise hi paise hai! I find I have more money than earlier…and now I don’t have to ask my husband for any extra money

So, girls! You are not helping anyone by remaining powerless with MONEY. 

Take Charge! You just might just become an inspirational role model for everyone around you! 

Mark your calendar, book your seat and BE there!

Date: November 24, 2016 (Thursday)

Time: 9 am to 4 pm

Venue: TBA

Registration is mandatory.

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