What Balance Sheets tell you about a business - By Compliance Global Inc.

What Balance Sheets tell you about a business - By Compliance Global Inc.


  • What Balance Sheets tell you about a business

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About The Event



This webinar will examine balance sheet income statements and the essential things that proper interpretation and analysis of balance sheet information tells you about a business. Participants will learn how to discern important aspects of the information that is contained in balance sheets by examining individual components of balance sheets along with the ratios that help us understand and interpret balance sheet information.


Why Should You Attend


Many lenders view balance sheet information as secondary to Profit and Loss Statement information as a tool to understand businesses and the ways in which they operate. Balance Sheets tend to be more complex than Profit and Loss Statements but answer a number of questions that are relevant in understanding businesses. Questions about liquidity, leverage, and commitment are just three items that can be addressed as part of an examination of balance sheets.

This webinar will take away the fear that any lenders have when they view balance sheets. It will demystify the important components of balance sheets in a way that will make that information more useful to users.


Areas Covered in this Webinar


The goal of this webinar is to use information contained in balance sheets to answers questions about the strength and weaknesses of businesses. Using examples of actual operating businesses, participants will learn how to use the information in balance sheets to answer a number of important questions, including:

  • How does a business collect from its customers?
  • Does a business pay its bills to its suppliers?
  • Does a business control its inventory?
  • Does a business pay its taxes?
  • How leveraged is a business?
  • What collateral does a business own that can secure best loans?
  • Does the business have a successful history?
  • How good are the owners of a business at risk analysis?
  • Are the owners of a business committed to their business?
  • Is the business liquid?  How much cash does it have?

Upon completion of this webinar, the participants will have a better understanding of the information contained in balance sheets, the ways to interpret that information and the importance of that information in qualifying borrowers.


Learning Objectives


  • Understand the ways in which to analyse balance sheet information
  • Recognize the types of businesses for which this calculation is appropriate
  • Learn about the balance sheet and the common items in a balance sheet


Who Will Benefit


  • Relationship Managers
  • Credit Analysts
  • Commercial Loan Officers
  • Members of Loan Committees
  • Loan Review Personnel



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