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Weekly Night Ride


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About The Event

Let's come together for the (first) weekly night ride where we ride through some sprawling city roads in the off-peak hours 

We ride together to have fun, not to race or compete!



Event date: 18-May-2017

Event venue (start/end point): Corner of Kedari Petrol Pump, Wanowrie

Event type: City cycling

Reporting time: 9:25 PM, start time: 9:30 PM

Finish time: 11:30 PM or earlier



For this particular one, we start at Wanowrie (Kedari Petrol Pump) and take some cycle-friendly roads to Bhosale Nagar (Shivajinagar) via Range Hills, and then loop back via Sangam Bridge to the start point. Total distance is around 28 KM.

Route elevation/plan


Route map: 

Please note that this ride is totally self-supported and non-profit. We, the organizers are just a couple of cycling enthusiasts, with the only motivation to promote cycling and let others explore how it could be fun.


  • Note that Helmets are a MUST!
  • Be as visible during the ride as possible. At the least, good front and rear lights are MANDATORY!
  • Carry adequate amount of water
  • Carry a puncture kit (or spare tube - even better)
  • Obey traffic rules
  • Perform a basic check of your bike before the ride (heard of ABC check?)
  • During the ride, please avoid forming a cluster, max. pairs of 2 in a row
  • During the ride, please do not stray away from the group or be left behind. If you're really into breaking Strava segment records -- this may not be the ride for you. :)


Organizers (WhatsApp):

Syed Naqi: 7030587868 | Faheem Zahid: 8055688940

Terms & Conditions

The following goes without saying, but, well, we gotta say it:

  • Helmets are mandatory!
  • So are bike lights, BOTH front, and rear
  • WE FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES, and not consider bikes to be an exception
  • NO HEADPHONES/EARPHONES while riding, please
  • No sudden turns or stops! Please signal with hands well in advance if you have to make a turn or are planning to stop
  • You are in charge of your safety! The organizers would not be responsible for any mishaps.

Venue Map