Weekend Photography Workshops

Weekend Photography Workshops


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About The Event

  1. Foundation to flash lights photography (1st and 2nd March):-


   Day 1: - introduction to different flashes of different brands

-       understanding guide number and its importance.

-       Exposure basics and power distance

-       Shooting scenario

Day 2:      - Controlling different flashes and multiple setup

-       how to make your portable studio lighting and using flashes as backup

-       explaining master and slave


  1. Trick photography & special effects (15th and 16th March):-


Day 1:     - Long exposure effects

-       light painting technique

-       Panning and zoom burst effects

Day 2 :   - Pattern making with light

-       sequence photography

-       multiple exposures

-       Stroboscopic effects using flashes


   5. HDR and Panorama (22nd and 23rd March): -


Day 1 : - introduction and understanding HDR

-       importance and use of HDR

-       understanding framing and composition

-       understanding and bracketing multiple exposures

-       HDR toning and postproduction methods

Day 2 : - introduction and understanding Panorama

-       lenses for shooting panoramas

-       use of panoramas

-       shooting panoramas and shooting hdr panoramas

-       stitching panoramas using different software and post production techniques


6. Macro Photography & Focus Stacking (29th and 30th March): -


Day 1 : - introduction to macro photography

-       understanding of subject, environment and lighting condition

-       use and importance of macro

-       required lenses and exposure

Day 2 : - magnification through extention

-       reversal technique

-       understanding focus stacking with depth of field

-       importance of focus stacking

-       post production techniques


7. My Choice & My Class (5th and 6th April): -


Day 1 :      - revision and brief discussion on all previous workshop topics

-       Discussion on preferred choice of topic by students followed by practical and theory.

-       Quick and practical demonstration of post production techniques.

Day 2 : - introduction to post production techniques

-       workflow techniques

-       processing of raw files

-       using and bridging two different software for post production

-       selection and submission of best work from all previous workshops and this workshop for display and promotion.


** date be it Saturday or Sunday it’s a one day workshop each and same topics will be covered on both days. Incase day 1 participants want we can teach and provide them with extra studies and new topics or extensions on existing topics of classes at no extra cost.

Terms & Conditions

The participation fees per workshop is Rs.1200 /- per day with choice of either saturday or sunday....if you wish to choose 2 days for yourself then participation fees would be Rs.2000 /-

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