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The modern north Indians hanker after style, substance and something exclusive that makes heads turn. So on the Big Day, everyone is clad in chic designer attires and pricey gem-encrusted jewellery. Unique accessories embellished with contemporary ideas are haute in lively North Indians. Aromatic smells fill the air. Mesmerizing Light Decorations, Designer Food Stalls, Live Music, Professionally Dressed Trained Service personnel carefully crafted Menu Displays- contribute towards the Ambience. Invitation cards are yet another fancy manifestation of the many ways in which ostentation is exhibited as is the venue of the wedding. There is grandeur in all the wedding paraphernalia also right from Ethnic garlands to Mandap dcor to Dcor of Doli. At various ceremonies sumptuous gifts change hands with the bridegroom's family on the receiving end. "WEDDING ASIA2010" is synonymous with the best of exclusive designer wear, semi-formal and prt ensembles, accessories, jewellery and lifestyle products from a large contingent of renowned exhibitors, all showcased under one roof. This is a time when money is spent like there never will be a tomorrow. Everyone -- from those in entertainment to decor; beauty clinics, cosmetic giants, travel, tourism; evenmatrimonial web sites can make money out of nuptial nirvana. With "WEDDING ASIA-2010" all the exhibitors will get an opportunity to swoop on the bustling Wedding Market.

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