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About The Event

 Speaker: Ram from Mozilla India
Know more about a WebVR Camp:

For any queries, contact the organiser Ranjith Raj Vasam on ranjithraj@swecha.net

Event Flow:
1.Getting Started (60 minutes)

Introduction of speakers and attendees with an ice breaker session (e.g., catch the ball)
About Mozilla’s mission as a non-profit and community-focused organization.
About VR, WebVR & A-Frame
Quickly note social tags: #MozActivate, #WebVRCamp, @mozillavr

2.A-Frame Concepts (60 minutes)

Demo of basic A-Frame scenes & apps. More examples at A Week of A-Frame
Show off A-Painter
Introduce HTML tags. If audience is more technical, also introduce the entity-component-system pattern

3.Time to Hack (60 minutes)

Propose your idea of VR experiences to build
Can get started with Codepen or the Boilerplate
For the boilerplate, we recommend using a local server such as Mongoose or through Node.js.

4.More About A-Frame (60 minutes)
A-Frame in depth (e.g., demo of advanced scenes, how are they built, using community components)

** Continue Hacking (60 minutes)**

Improve your VR experience or build something else using more advanced concepts

5.Review & Plan (60 minutes)
Review the whole event
Talk about A-Frame community. Don’t forget to mention if you have a separate communication medium to connect with the local WebVR community (e.g., WebVR-India telegram group)
Discuss takeaways
Discuss individual action plans and follow-up plans

Host: Swecha, a non-profit organisation committed to promote Free Software in 2 Telugu states

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