Webinar On Successful Entrepreneurship : Scale Up To Peak Performance

Webinar On Successful Entrepreneurship : Scale Up To Peak Performance


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Confederation of indian Industry is organising a Webinar on “Successful Entrepreneurship : Scale up to peak performance” on 24th January 2012 between 1430-1700 hrs. This Session would be web-casted live from the CII Office in Delhi, which could be viewed live through the internet by participants across the Region (Participants to login from 1400 hrs onwards).

Every organisation grows and develops according to a natural lifecycle, facing predictable problems along the way. Knowing in advance what these pitfalls are, helps entrepreneurs & promoters avoid them. It has been seen that the majority of entrepreneurs do not cross the “infancy” stage of their lifecycle and only a very small percentage reach their “prime”. This webinar will be useful for Promoters, Entrepreneurs and Business Heads, who are facing the challenges of scaling up their business without losing their vitality and edge. It has also been observed that once businesses reach a certain point in their lifecycle, they experience a lack of control due to accelerated growth, disruptions and paralysis due to internal conflicts and lack of focus due to too many priorities. Companies often outgrow the founder’s ability to implant their personal leadership styles and philosophies. This webinar will help you avoid the “Founder’s Trap” and bypass the challenges and stress that so many founders experience.

Mr Harsh Chopra, Founding Partner & Country Manager, Indian Subsidiary of Adizes Institute has kindly consented to address & discuss with the CII members on the subject. Mr Chopra has a diverse background with more than 25 years of work experience covering Consumer goods, Healthcare, Optics, Testing, Management Consulting and Education.

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