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Webinar /on line training
“Why Smart Couples prepare themselves before Marriage?”

Online Training onWhy Smart Couples prepare themselves before Marriage?


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About The Event

Webinar /on line training


Why Smart Couples prepare themselves before Marriage?

                                         ( March 7 2013 6:00 pm to March 7 2013 8:00 pm)

                                           A wedding is for a day, A marriage is   for  life time 

Ask yourself whether you are for  a wedding or for a marriage?

 Who can answer this better?

No not you, Definitely not your  friends who is as  good as you ,, not even Your Google who is information story teller. Only those  married couples who has walked successfully ahead of you can answer this confidently, If they are psychologists they can answer competently. If they are successful practitioner they can Coach and guide with their insight and foresight.

Dr Sunderam  the leading No 1 Relationship Coach  of India, who with a decade of experience with married  Couples brings a webinar on Pre marriage Coaching (PMC)  for the Indian youth. This webinar helps the prospective couples and young couples help them discover the success in their married life too.



 “Marriage at the speed of light, Divorce at the speed of thought  “ is the slogan from the   the cyber world  ,Every third family in Indian  cities are crying  about  divorce, , we live in an instant marriage and an highly impulsive divorce  society. Is there a way out?

What could be the root cause ?

The root cause is lack of marriage education before marriage

The top campus brains  prepares an engineers in 4 Years, a doctor in 5 years, a lawyer in 6 years before they takes up the profession for 30 years of career

Which campus brains prepares a couple for marriage a commitment for 80yrs life time career

Only your  own  brain has to invest on yourself  and prepare yourself. You invest on the latest Mobile  and gadgets, to impress others around you. This is the time where you have to invest for yourself A research survey shows those couples who undergo pre marriage Courses has reduced the divorce rate by 50%,not only in their life and helped their friends also.


Dr sunderam one of India’s NLP(neuro linguistic psychology )Pioneer has completed his doctorate in NLP after bringing hope and light in the dark prisons of Indian jail inmates, he  has simplified  reduced NLP techniques  into a measurable  science which prospective couples can apply, experience and measure the results of there own progress

 What is the mission of this webinar ?

The primary mission of this online training is to remove the misnomers connected with stress in married life 

What will be coverage?

A new paradigm shift  “Marriage is a journey and not a destination”

1      One gets competent knowledge to sail smoothly in married life

2      A. Toolkit to face for the challenges of married  life

3      Help you  to discover your ideal partner ?

4      Avoid the Rocks  of failure in the journey of life

5      Become more confident in tackling the  rough storms of married life

Who should attend?

1.     Thos who are engaged

2.     Those who are about to get  married

3.     Those who are going for re-marriage

4.     Those married for 3 yrs and below

5.     Those who are married with kids of 3 yrs and below

When the online training will be conducted?

The webinar   will be on 7 th March 2013 6 – 8 pm

Admission  fees Rs 250/- per person

Facilitator Dr sunderam   MS PHD ACC

Director T Indhu  madam MS ( counseling and Psychotherapy)

contact 09640000054


MY training may not change your destination but definitely changes your direction and every direction is indicator towards the dawn of a new destination”   DR sunderam.