Web Development Workshop @GRIET

Web Development Workshop @GRIET


  • Web Development Workshop

    2 days workshop

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About The Event

Web Development Industry demands 3 lakh experts a year & is one of the fastest booming industry.

Wegilant’s Web Development Program is aimed at Engineering students to prepare them for

industry expectations and skill sets. This is your chance to gain unparallel experience in the field of

Web Development. Students gain hands on experience from industry professionals. This is also a

great opportunity for students to network with industry professionals and create relationships that

will aid them in future.

Day 1

Session 1: 


- What is web application

- Basics of Web Development

- Types of Script languages

- Difference between Server & Client Side Scripts

- Local Web Development Setup

1. Xampp

2. MyPHPAdmin

3. Mercury

- Testing Local Environment

Web Server & Domain:

- What is web server?

- What is Domain name?

- Is it Free?

- Cheapest Web Server?

- How to register Domain Name?

- How to purchase space in Web Server?


- What is HTML?

- First web page

- Common Tags introduction

- Tag structure to be followed

- HTML Trends

Client Side Scripts:

- What are Client Side Scripts?

- Introduction of JavaScript

- First Code run of JS

- Function writing in JavaScript

- Limitation of JavaScripts

- Best Practices in JavaScript

- Substitute of JavaScript

Session 2:

Server Side Scripts:

- What are Server Side Scripts?

- Introduction of PHP

- First Code run of PHP

- Function writing in PHP

- Limitation of PHP

- Best Practices in PHP

- Substitute of PHP

MySQL, PHPMyAdmin & Connectivity:

- What is MySQL?

- Introduction of SQL

- First Code run of SQL

- What is phpMyAdmin?

- Understanding Interface

- Creating Database in local MySQL Server

- Creating User & its Acces Rights in phpMyAdmin

- MySQL Connectivity using PHP

- Row Fetching & Display of stored data

- Secure PHP Development

Forms using HTML & PHP:

- What is a Form?

- Get & Post Methods

- Form Validation

- Form Submission

- Storing submitted data in MySQL

- Google Forms

- Embedding Google Forms in own Web Page

Day 2

Session 3: 

Uploading Web site to Server (FTP Access):

- What is FTP Client?

- What is FileZilla?

- How to get connected to Web Server

- How & Where to upload your local website

- Testing after uploading

Configuring Murcury (SMTP Server)

- What is SMTP Server?

- What is Murcury?

- How to configure it?

Cron Jobs & Email Sending Scripts

- What is Cron Job?

- How to send email using PHP?


Session 4:


Installing Forum & Online Shop:

- What are Forum & Online Shops?

- Best Forum & Online shop?

- How to install?

- Configuration

Content Management System (CMS):

- What is CMS?

- What is Joomla & Drupal? (Brief)

- Intro to Wordpress

- How to install Wordpress?

- Configuring Wordpress

- Using Wordpress

Poor Practices in Web Development:

- What are Poor Practices in Web Development?

- Mistakes in JavaScripts

- Mistakes in PHP

- Mistake in PHP Configuration

- How not to get hacked?

Price: Rs. 850/- per participant


Futher details contact :Prabhat 7675913963

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