Web Development Training at Janakpuri District Center

Web Development Training at Janakpuri District Center


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About The Event

Webinstitute.in is an education initiative undertaken by Dulcet Solutions Pvt Ltd. Our mission is to teach web development in as simple terms as possible and to anyone and everyone.

We are starting a new 15 day training program for anyone who wishes to learn web technologies. 

The Topics that are covered are as follows:

  • Introduction to HTML 5 and CSS: HTML is the basic language of the web which browsers like Google Chrome understand. Everything you see on the internet is made using HTML. CSS stands for cascading style sheet. It is the language used to design the web page. 
  • Introduction to jQuery: jQuery is what makes your web pages cool. Be it slideshows, tabs, and other animation effects, jQuery is the language that is used all the time.
  • Introduction to PHP and MySQL: PHP is the server side language used for storing and retrieving data from the databases: You will learn how to make a proper blog like web application.
  • Introduction to Wordpress: Wordpress is the world’s most favourite content management system. Learn how to build websites within minutes.
  • Introduction to jQuery Mobile: jQuery Mobile is used to create mobile web applications. Mobile is the primary form in which people consume the internet these days. By the end of the classes, you will also gain knowledge of creating Android Applications using web technologies.
  • From Photoshop to working Website :  We will teach you how you can convert a simple design into a working website.
  • SEO and Internet Marketing: You will also learn the basics of marketing your website which is very important in today’s times.


This is a unique program which can 

  • help you get a great job
  • start your own online business.
  • Start your own web consultancy

The program is perfect for college students, and working professionals who wish to learn how to develop websites quickly. 

In the past, people who have been taught by us have started their own internet businesses. 

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