Wealth Matrix Workshop - Master Your Money Mindset

Wealth Matrix Workshop - Master Your Money Mindset


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About The Event

Wealth Matrix Workshop is designed to help YOU overcome every obstacle that has been keeping you from achieving the Financial success you dream about. 


Course Content

Unleash the Mind Power: Conscious and Subconscious Mind 

Money Mindset: Learning new thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions

Emotions: Relationship with money

Spiritual: Raise your energy and clearing all the blocks towards abundance



Swarna Pillai, Chartered Accountant / Entrepreneur 

Which is more important - Money or Happiness? If money is the driving force on this planet, then is money spiritual? Where do I vibrate on the scale of consciousness? The learning from the Wealth Matrix programme was not simply the answers to these questions but the questions themselves.  Wealth Matrix Workshop was not about the cash in my pocket or the balance in my bank. It was about the energy of Abundance as expansive as the Universe. It was about Values, Vibration and Consciousness. I learned that I can break down my limiting beliefs and blow away my blocks to success, but there will be no true growth without raising my consciousness

The Wealth Matrix Workshop was just that - some science, some soul-cleansing and plenty of spirituality. Thank you Ruthara Ma'am for taking us on this journey to a higher vibration.


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