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Do you want to double your income ?
Do you feel that you are making less than your actual potential ?
Are you trapped in middle class generation after generation ?
Do you inspired to do big in life but not getting a way to do it ?

Wealth creation workshop - 4 - Mumbai


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About The Event

Do you want to double your income ?

Do you feel that you are making less than your actual potential ?

Are you trapped in middle class generation after generation ?

Do you inspired to do big in life but not getting a way to do it ?

Do you want to complete your all big dreams ?

Do you have a potential but not getting a right path ?Do you have an idea but do not know how to convert it in to Wealth ?

Wealth Creation workshop is a solution for you.

This workshop will take you in self-realisation process which will help you to understand your real potential and take you to the journey of RICH and HAPPY life.

Workshop is backed by a MASTER MIND group to make you successful.

You will get fantastic benefit if you are :

Businessman, Self employed individuals, entrepreneur, professional,insurance agents,student, salaried or one who want to become RICH and Happy in life.

Program schedule

10.00 am to 10.15 am : Welcome and introduction.

10.15 am to 12.00 noon : Module 1 : Unlock your self and open your mind for WEALTH.

You may be trying hard to earn but some of the misconceptions may be pulling you back. This module will help you to come out of misconception you have about WEALTH and open your mind. This will take you to the state to receive wealth.

12.00 noon to 1.00 pm : Module 2 : Developing a right mindset towards WEALTH.

As you are in receiving mode, it will speed up your receiving if you develop a strong positive relationship with WEALTH. Every relationship to be long lasting has to be nurtured. This module will help you to build a long lasting relationship with WEALTH.

1.00 pm to 1.45 pm : Break.

1.45 pm to 3.00 pm : Module 3 : understanding the powerful Laws of Universe to create WEALTH.

On your journey to WEALTH accumulation there are powerful laws of universe work in positive way for you. understand these laws of WEALTH accumulation in sync with nature and how to use them. 

3.00 pm to 4.00 pm : Module 4 : WEALTH Life goal setting.

A unique process "SMUUT goals" we follow in this workshop will change your life entirely. This will help you to understand how a small idea can be converted in to a big businesses. This will give you a vision for life.

4.00 pm to 5.30 pm : Module 5 : Creating a Vision for life and 5 WEALTH meditation techniques.

A unique process of meditation will be introduced to you which is simple yet powerful. This will keep you on the track of WEALTH accumulation. Will give you energy and enthusiasm to work for a vision. 

5.30 pm onwards : Face the entirely new world for you with lot of opportunities and Start your journey towards Happy and Rich life.

This workshop is followed by system of Master Mind group which will help you to keep you on the way of your life goal and you will be in company of people like you who want to do some thing different in life. 


What you You will add in your life :

1. Understanding the laws of universe which will help you in WEALTH accumulation.

2. understand self and find out a mission for your life.

3. Open your mind for the opportunities and good things in life.

4. Understand simple principles to can bring big change in your life.

5. Get a life goal for you which has a capability of completing your all dreams wealth small or big in life and make you RICH and HAPPY.

6. Most importantly find love for self.


Special privilege :

1. Every participates will get a gift of Parker vector Gold - roller pen. (Rs. 600/- ).

2.All attend of the workshop will get a facility to repeat this workshop unlimited times by paying just the cost to us.( Not the workshop fee ).

3. Get a Life membership of Master Mind group.


Limited Seats ! Ending fast ! Book now !


View the testimonials :

Language : English / Hindi.

What you should bring :

An open mind for learning.

Full time availability for the workshop.

Open participation for fantastic results.

What is included :

5 subject workbook and Parker victor gold pen.

Lunch & Tea.

E- Workbook will be mailed to you.

Lot of learning for implementation to make you RICH and HAPPY.



Trainer's profile :



Ashish Ramesh Bhave, 

He is a wealth Creation Trainer.

He is a founder and CEO of Ashish Bhave's academy of Wealth creation who is helping people in Wealth accumulation, Financial planning and Wealth management.

His vision is to make people RICH and HAPPY.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER by profession and Wealth creation trainer by passion.

He NLP practitioner and management graduate.

All this workshop is what he himself implementing and got a great success in life, implementation of this principles of WEALTH changed his life entirely. Just google it.

He is a first generation entrepreneur, Founder and nurturing three business.

One of them is ARB financials , a personal financial management consulting firm in Pune. 

He is helping many families to manage their personal finance and invest properly to become wealthy. He had interviewed more than 4500 individuals on personal financial management where he experienced about how people think and underestimate themselves.

For queries contact at 088620 79292.

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Wealth creation workshop
Start date
24 Aug 2014  09:30
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24 Aug 2014  18:00




3 Star hotel, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


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