Wealth Creation Workshop - 18

Wealth Creation Workshop - 18


  • Wealth creation workshop - 16th Oct

    Start a journey towards a RICH and HAPPY life

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About The Event

What is Wealth creation workshop ?

This workshop is all about multiplying your income. Increase your income exponentially.

This is not about investing in equities and other financial instruments but it is about self realization and investing in the best asset class in the world for you and that is " YOU"

IT is only about you, you and you.

My frineds i observed that every one knows about this world and other people better that self which results in frustration and feeling helpless.

Now find out who you are and have a courage to accept and work on which you could really do.

This wealth creation workshop use special types of techniques which help you to reveal your real potential and will give you an Idea which you could work on to multiply your income fast.

Get to understand that creating wealth is a simple and automatic process and aligned to it.

Wealth creation workshop is about setting a goal for life and how to pursue it.

Unleashing a real potential.
Get a direction for life to grow and prosper.
Preparing self for success.
Learning practical concepts about mind and how to use them for success.

Benefits to you ?

You can earn money easily and in abundance.
Build your own business or ladder up fast in your organization.
Understand your real potential to earn money in your life with adding value in peoples life.
Open your mind for the great opportunities available for you in this world.
Live a boundless life. 

What is included ?

A conceptual full day workshop full of activities to realize about self.

It is a 5 module workshop viz.

Module : 1
Opening mind for Wealth : 
Clearing some wrong concepts about Wealth and Money.
Open mind works fantastically, it is more creative and innovative.
Open for opportunities.

Module 2. 
Building a strong relationship with wealth and focusing in right direction :
Once mind is open for wealth, build a strong relationship with wealth and understand how to focus in life to march on the path of success.

Module 3. 
This is a process of self-realization, knowing who you are and what you are here for ? Realizing real purpose of life (Work area) and setting a goal for this.
We follow a unique in world process of “SMUUT goal setting” which break all barriers and hurdles which are limiting self. 

Module 4. 
Wealth meditation techniques : (UNIQUE SYSTEM FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD)
Meditation takes your near to universe, we identified 5 unique techniques which will take you on the path on your Life goal and keep you motivated.

Module 5. 
Magic of universe for your journey:
There are simple and powerful magic of universe which help in the process of wealth creation.
Understand the magic anb learn and understand how to use it.
These are very effective and always happening.


As you complete Wealth creation workshop you will get membership of Mastermind group for lifetime. 


Birds of feather flocks together. 
If you have some great vision in mind and want to pursue them, then you should be surrounded with people who are like you so that you can motivate each other and can build a strong relationship among. 
Be together and build together.
Meeting once in a month.
These will be formed across India.


Trainer : 

Ashish Ramesh Bhave, India's first Wealth creation trainer.

He is a wealth Creation Trainer.

He is a founder and CEO of Ashish Bhave's academy of Wealth. who is helping people in Wealth creation (Multiplying income) , Financial planning and Wealth management.

His vision is to make people RICH and HAPPY.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER by profession and Wealth creation trainer by passion.

He NLP practitioner and management graduate.

All this workshop is what he himself implementing and got a great success in life, implementation of this principles of WEALTH changed his life entirely.

He is a first generation entrepreneur, Founder and nurturing three business.

One of them is ARB financials www.arbfinancials.com , a personal financial management consulting firm in Pune. 

He is helping many families to manage their personal finance and invest properly to become wealthy. He had interviewed more than 5000 individuals on personal financial management where he experienced about how people think and underestimate themselves.

For queries contact at 088620 79292.

#all rights for this event is with organizer.


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