Waves 2013

Waves 2013


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About The Event

About Waves 2013

From its humble origin in 2007, Waves has come a long way, evolving into one of the largest cultural festivals of the country. With scintillating performances by the country’s best artists every year, Waves 2012 went international. And now, after scaling unmapped heights and astounding many a great minds, Waves 2013 is ready to surpass its predecessors and give the country a festival to remember.

This year, Waves takes you on a journey, a journey from where it all began to everything it has become today. Waves 2013, “Hit the Rewind”, is a celebration of the best of art, music, literature and films the world has ever seen. Join us as we go back and walk through the defining points of cultural history, be it the iconic moonwalk, The Beatles (who redefined rock music in the 1960s), six people in a coffee house, a whirlwind blood saga of the American Mafia (what we know as The Godfather), Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Jimi Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe. Waves 2013 has a story to tell, a story of greatness, a story of how over the century legends revolutionized art and how we see it. So, press the rewind button, sit back and let this tale drown you in a sea of nostalgia and reminiscence.



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