Waste Management India Summit 2014

Waste Management India Summit 2014


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About The Event

After the historic successful insertion of Mars Obiter Mission, now Government of India, under the leadership of Prime Minister - Narendra Modi, taking up world’s largest waste management projects - “Clean India by 2019” and Clean River Ganga in next 18 years” costing 27B USD (10B USD already approved by Government). Opportunities too big to be missed by any waste management company, small or large across the globe. Inspired by his vision, Prospur Events & Promotions has taken the lead in bringing together the stakeholders to discuss the roadmap to implement the Honourable Prime Minister’s Vision in the waste management sector.


Indian Opportunity:

Thanks to India's robust economic growth, the country's waste management sector particularly waste-to-energy market is set for rapid development for the years to come. A number of favorable policy incentives and stricter emission regulations have been issued recently and the industry is also showing good signs and prospects for revamping the existing waste incineration facilities.

As always, every coin has two sides. Is India ready for so many to-be-constructed projects? How does India tackle potential environmental risks while accelerating infrastructure development? Are there any proven solutions and know-how for managing unsorted wastes in 2nd & 3rd tier cities? Are there any localized organic waste treatment technologies for domestic restaurant and kitchen wastes? And how do we raise enough capital to underpin that ambitious plan?

With the questions above and even more remaining unanswered, the Waste Management India Summit 2014 is such a timely gathering converging major players across the community to find out localized business models, explore new financing sources, seek optimized treatment technologies, and more importantly, to understand and share the pie.

Waste Management India Summit 2014 is intended for a wide circle of waste industry professionals and experts from educational, research and development institutions; municipal and governmental agencies; technology and equipment vendors. Attending this summit will enable the participants to update their knowledge and share innovative approaches in the field of municipal solid waste processing and disposal, Waste Water Treatment & Pollution Control, Water Disposal, Recycling, Energy Technology, Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy, Water Disposal, Hazardous Waste, Non-Biodegradable waste, Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), Organic Waste and E waste, Mechanical-biological waste treatment. It is an endeavor to create a neutral platform to address, discuss and deliberate issues on reducing and recycling the wastage.

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