Waltair\'s Sky Diving Camp MYSORE (October, 2012)

Waltair\'s Sky Diving Camp MYSORE (October, 2012)


  • Static Line 1 Jump (Weekend Batch 1 and 4)

    3 day Weekend Batches of Static Line Jumps (Fri - Sun)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 18000
    Sold Out
  • Static Line 1 Jump (Weekday Batch 2 and 3)

    Weekday Batches of Static Line Jumps (Mon/ Tue/ Wed/ Thu). Ground Training to be conducted in Bangalore on 13th / 14th Oct for these batches.

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 19500
    Sold Out
  • Static Line 3 Jump Course (Weekend Batch 1

    3 Jump course for weekend batches (Fri - Sun)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 46000
    Sold Out
  • Static Line 3 Jump Course (Weekday Batch 2

    3 Jump course on weekdays with Ground Training in Bangalore on 13th and 14th Oct

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 46000
    Sold Out
  • Static Line 5 Jump Course (Only Weekend Batch 1

    5 Jumps course are available on on Weekend batches (Fri - Sun)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 69000
    Sold Out
  • Tandem Jump (All days excluding Sundays) (Assisted jump with Instructor)

    Assisted jump with Instructor

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 36000
    Sold Out
  • Tandem Jump (Sundays) (Assisted jump with Instructor)

    (Assisted jump with Instructor)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 37500
    Sold Out
  • Cockpit Pit Flying (20mins Evening Sorties)

    Sunset Sorties of 20mins each will be scheduled from 6pm – 7pm each day during the camp dates, i.e., 20th – 28th October, 2012.

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 7500
    Sold Out

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About The Event

The Final season of 2012 Sky Diving Camps are back again....starting this OCTOBER...

The Waltair Group is conducting this camp in association with the ISPA (Indian Skydive & Parachute Association).. We thank the ISPA for their patronage and support..

We know it has been a long wait for all our enthusiasts. With scores of calls and emails flowing in every single day enquiring about our next camp dates and location, we are finally pleased to announce the beginning of the Sky dives this October, 2012 onwards.

Calling all enthusiasts, first time jumpers willing to experience Tandem Jumps & Static Line Jumps to join us... 

Free Fallers most welcome...

Fly over the gorgeous city of Mysore in your private little Cessna. Experience the hawk eye view of the city as it lights up like a bride. The highly talked about Mysore Palace, Vrindavan Gardens, the beautiful erstwhile Sultanate of Tipu Sultan will be below you to enjoy with your friends this season. Join us for a 20 minutes of unforgettable memory you would cherish for a lifetime.



Important Information:

For Tandem Jumpers:

Jumps will be carried out on all days from 20 – 28th Oct, 2012.

Participants need to report in the Mysore Airbase as per their date, time and jump slot allotted to them during their booking and registration.

For Static Line Jumpers:

• We would be conducting 4 batches. You and your friends can join us on any of these as below :
• Batch 1 : 19 – 21 Oct (Weekend)
• Batch 2 : 22 – 23 Oct (Weekdays)
• Batch 3 : 24 – 25 Oct (Weekdays)
• Batch 4 : 26 – 28 Oct (Weekend)

• Ground training for Weekend batches  1 and 4, will be conducted in Mysore Airbase on 19th and 26th Oct respectively. These batches are ideal for people from everywhere. Jumpers would be required to plan their stay for at least 2 nights in Mysore for this course.

• Ground training for Weekday batches 2 and 3 would be conducted in Bangalore on 13th and 14th Oct respectively. Address of the same would be communicated during registrations. Weekday batches are exclusively for jumpers from Bangalore. Jumpers can come for their scheduled jumps as per their batch, date and time allotted and they therefore do not need to stay back in Mysore for these batches.


Jump Cost includes –

- State of the Art training facilities and Instruction, all Equipment Hire Charges.

- Videos for your jumps and landing.

- Jump Cost, Log Books & Certificates.
- All Discounts and Taxes.

Cancellation/ Refund Policy –

In case of cancellations and refunds:

- 80% of the net amount would be refunded for Cancellations on or before 21 days of the camp dates.

- 60% of the net amount would be refunded for Cancellations on or before 14 days of the camp dates.

-Cancellations within 14 days are Non-refundable.


Dive Adjustment Policy

In case you’ve paid up and are unable to make it to the camp, your total paid up amount would be adjusted with any Dive you undertake with us within a year at any of our Drop Zone locations across India.


Depending on the time of the year and weather permitting, you will either make your static line parachute jump on the saturday, or on the Sunday after some revision parachute lessons.

You will board the plane with the rest of your fellow class mates under the supervision of your static line instructor ready for the climb to altitude of between 3,200 – 3,500 feet.

When it is safe to do so, you will be despatched from the aircraft by your instructor and your static line parachute will open automatically by the static line.

It’s then up to you to navigate your canopy back to the landing area with the help of another instructor on the ground talking to you giving you some helpful pointers on your radio.

The canopy ride is about 3 minutes, so plenty of time for you to take in the birds eye views as well as enjoying flying your canopy.

Once safely on the ground, you will receive a de-brief from your instructor. Then smile for the camera as you are presented your certificate for completing your Static Line Jump. 


A Tandem Skydive is the quickest and easiest way to experience the exhilaration of being in freefall! Strapped to a highly qualified tandem instructor you will jump from 9,000 – 10,000 feet falling at speeds of around 120mph before your parachute is deployed for you to enjoy the views as you float back to the ground. No previous experience is necessary and it takes just 20 minutes to be trained to make the jump!

What to Expect:

Training for your tandem parachute jump is simple and takes around 20 minutes, covering the following:

> The tandem parachute equipment and how it works. 
> How you will be attached to your tandem instructor. 
> What you need to do when you exit the aircraft. 
> What is expected of you during free fall. 
> What happens during the canopy ride and landing process. 


When it’s your turn, you will be given a jumpsuit, hat and goggles, and then fitted into your harness. 
Then you walk with your tandem instructor to board the plane where you will then be securely attached to your instructor. 

The plane will climb to an altitude of between 10,000 – 12,000 feet. 
When it is safe to do so, you and your tandem instructor will move to the door ready to exit the plane! 

On leaving the aircraft, you will freefall reaching a speed of 120mph before your tandem instructor opens the parachute at around 5,000 feet. 

You then get to enjoy the local views, gliding through the air whilst suspended underneath your tandem parachute. You may even get the chance to take control and fly the canopy back to the landing area! 

As you get near to the ground it’s time to wave to your friends and family and then feet up whilst your tandem instructor takes control and lands the canopy. 

Then smile for the camera as you are presented your certificate for completing your tandem skydive. 

Happy Landings!!!

Cheers & Blue Skies,
Team Waltair Escapade Thrills


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