Walk in The Wilderness - Trek to Karnala

Walk in The Wilderness - Trek to Karnala


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About The Event

One of the easier treks located close to the busy city of Mumbai, Karnala fort can be accessed easily from Panvel.

Karnala is a bird sanctuary but the likelihood of glimpsing birds in this season is low.. but the trek is a beautiful exploration and nature trail leading up to a fort which still has some walls intact. To add to an already Beautiful Trek, the monsoon season adds a new dimension which makes the trek a delight for photographers & nature lovers alike!

Join Canvas N Chrome as we head on this nature trail to explore the Fort of Karnala!

For complete details: http://goo.gl/VrnfJR


Trek Date: July 09, 2016

Trek Cost: Rs. 500/- per person 

Group Size: 30 Explorers (Maximum)


Trek Highlights:

> An Easy Trek that can be enjoyable for all

> Drive along the green tree-lined road leading to the base of the trek

> Rummage through History with a visit to a beautiful fort

> Explore the nature trail and see the lovely flora and fauna of the area.

> Take in the views from the top of the fort & enjoy the beauty of Monsoons

> Medium Group size

To Register get in touch with us on:

Email: cncadventure@gmail.com

Rohit Nayak: (+91) - 961 901 7717


Important Notes:

> The Hike/Trek to Karnala is graded as Easy because of an easy trail which leads up to the fort; Endurance grade is Easy as it takes not more than 1.5 to 2hrs to get to the fort.

> Wearing full clothes (Track pants + Full sleeve Shirt/Tshirt) is advisable – Prevents cuts & bruises while walking through the forest & also protects from insect bites.

> Track pants advisable – Jeans can get uncomfortable on treks & also tend to soak & retain water if it rains, avoid as far as possible

> Trekking/Sports shoes advisable – Covered feet provide safety from stubbing your toes on rocks, etc and also from insect/snake bite.

> Extra Floaters/Footwear advisable – Sports shoes tend to open up/tear during treks through rain & having an extra pair of floaters helps.

> A sturdy & comfortable haversack advisable – To stock all the gear & keep hands free while hiking.

> Packing of all essentials in polythene advisable – To protect from getting wet in the rain.

> A good torch is compulsory – In case of Emergency

> 2 liters of water is compulsory – Drinking water is only available in a rock cut water tank.

> Do not forget to Pack Lunch for the Trek!

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