Voice over Workshop with Malini Gowrishankar Bangalore

Voice over Workshop with Malini Gowrishankar Bangalore


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About The Event

Malini Gowrishankar, is an established voice-over / dubbing artist in Bangalore, primarily lending her voice for Tamil/English projects. She has experience voicing for hundreds of hours of e-learning, Telephone IVRs and several radio/TV commercials, short films, feature film promos, corporate videos, cartoon voices etc. She has her own home setup and records several assignments for national and international clients. She also has tie-ups with various professional studios in Bangalore.

Besides being an artist, Malini has also dabbled with creative writing, has served as an RJ with Worldspace Radio ( Timbremedia ), emceed several events and functions and has been a motivational speaker at several institutions and corporates, sharing her passionate views on Entrepreneurship and Women empowerment. She is the Founder/CEO of an alternate travel company, F5 Escapes, specialising in all-women travel.

Find answers to all your curious questions, as VO/dubbing artist, Malini Gowrishankar ( voiceofmalini.com ) takes you through a very informative, eye-opening workshop on voice-overs, a very less understood industry. This workshop, will focus primarily on the practical aspects of becoming a VO artist - the fundamentals of voice modulation, practical tips to exploring this industry as a newbie and more. 

The following will be covered at a basic level during the 4 hour workshop:

1.Busting the myths of VO industry
2.Fundamentals of voicing - modulation, intonation, pitching, tempo etc.
3.Voice-overs vs voice-acting vs dubbing - Understanding the differences
4.Introduction to equipment
5.Practical tips on switching careers and exploring VO as career option / hobby
6.Basic steps to setting up a home studio
7.Networking in this industry - How to?
8.Finding your niche - how can your voice be of use to the industry?
9.Pricing your service - an introduction

We would end this with a visit to the recording studio, preferably in the second half of the same day. In the event of the studio not being available on that day, we will finish studio visits for all within a month of taking the course.

•s for practice, workshop content handouts


•Anything not mentioned in inclusions

I wish to set the correct expectations right from the beginning hence please read through the following carefully:

1. Please do not come with the expectation of becoming a VO artist in one day. This workshop is introductory - this will show you your options and throw light on the things you need to know and do, you will have to do your homework and hardwork to become a VO artist.
2. While I will be available on a need basis to help you out once in a while post the workshop, kindly do not expect me to handhold you till you become an artist. What you become post this workshop is totally dependent on your interest levels and commitment. 
3. Certain voices work and certain voices dont. While I will be happy to assess your voice and give you a direction during the workshop, please do understand that not all who have a voice can become an artist. However, if you become one, I will be the happiest! :)
4. Come with an open mind to observe, participate and learn. Leave all your inhibitions behind and get ready for a happy, creative Sunday morning!

Very limited seats. Please pay to confirm your slot


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