Pradarshak presents “Village Life” Solo Exhibition of Graphic Prints

Pradarshak presents “Village Life” Solo Exhibition of Graphic Prints


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Pradarshak presents “Village Life”

 Solo Exhibition of Graphic Prints


Rambhau Dongare

“Planning is key in print-making,” says Rambhau Dongare, artist, print-maker and principal of Dadaji Aher Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Dwarka, Nashik.  The process is time consuming, with the artist having to wait for each colour application to dry, before he attempts the second colour application. But the inherent beauty of a print, he says, emerges, as the print-maker takes a call with each step, as to its colour scheme and works in harmony with each impression made of the work of art to bring it to a legitimate and aesthetically resplendent finish.

Born and bred in the rural milieu, Rambhau is a simpleton at heart, deriving enormous pleasure from the little joys that everyday life brings. Simple village people, their dedication towards life, bullock carts – which are the heart of a village, decorated bulls, early mornings in the village, and the like... and these are integral to his art too.

Explaining the process, Rambhau informs that the fixing of the surface block has to be flawless, so that the print does not shake. Since brushwork is not used in this medium, it takes a lot of time – often 8-10 days to accomplish a single work of art; working patiently with each colour application. Due to this, curiosity about the painting increases.

“I like this medium because one can use various surfaces to get texture,” says Rambhau. “Even some of the natural effects that I strive to achieve can be enhanced with the use of colour and thru’ composition. In fact, I feel I can achieve more via print-making than with my brush,” he concludes. 

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