Video Wednesdays II @ Gallery Espace

Video Wednesdays II @ Gallery Espace


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Gallery Espace is proud to present the second edition of Video Wednesdays II. This edition marks the beginning of the collaboration between Gayatri Sinha/Critical Collective and Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai. This collaboration will continue for six editions of Video Wednesdays II.

Under artist/curator Zhou Tiehai, the Minsheng Art Museum has rapidly emerged as a premier contemporary art space in China. The present collaboration, brings together Indian and Chinese video art. The Indian component, curated by Gayatri Sinha reflects on very recent video art which has not so far been seen in the capital city. The Chinese component selected by Zhou Tiehai is a selection from the exhibition Moving Image in China 1988-2011.

Represented here is one of China's most celebrated video artists, Yang Fudong, with the work Backyard-Hey! Sun is rising (2001). It represents a discontinuous movement between dream and reality, that characterizes much of Fudong's work. In the process the artist questions entrenched traditions and attitudes in a period of rapid change.

Peng Hung-Chih's video Excerpts from the Analects of Confucius (2008) covers a similar trajectory, of questioning the influence of Confucian teachings, and by extension, the role of the intellectual, in contemporary times.

The three Indian artists on view individually concern themselves with ecology, and the cross roads at with culture and ethical issues intersect. Babu Eshwar Prasad plays with the painterly image of the landscape - in this case ravaged minelands, which lead to the factory as site of production. In question here are issues of 'development' and 'progress'.

Asim Waqif's Jumna's Protest incorporates aspects of activism, performance, and a kind of reversal in which the Yamuna, Delhi's arterial river, stages her protest against pollution. The source of purity is now in need of purification.

Baiju Parthan's extremely concise and visually terse video addresses the figure of Abbe Faria, the Goan and prelate who introduced 'oriental hypnosis' to Paris in the early 19th century. Faria as the father of Hypnotism was also a seminal figure in the Goan uprising against their Portuguese masters.

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