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03 Aug, 9:00 am IST – 04 Aug, 1:00 pm IST

Amanora The Fern Hotels and Club, Amanora Park Town, Amanora, Magarpatta Rd, Amanora Park Town, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411028, India

About the Event

2 Days 1 Night Residential Program

Vibes and Waves Brand Impact Maximization Program


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    Includes: - Workshop & Personal Consultation - 2 Days and One Night Stay per pax at the Resort, with... 3 Meals a Day - All Taxes Excludes: - Any Additional hours of Strategic Consulting sought individually - Liquor based beverages, Mocktails & other A-la-Carte Orders - Travelling To & Fro the Venue

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About The Event

03 Aug, 9:00 am IST – 04 Aug, 1:00 pm IST
Amanora The Fern Hotels and Club, Amanora Park Town, Amanora, Magarpatta Rd, Amanora Park Town, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411028, India

About the Event


2 Days 1 Night Residential Program, a hands-on Brand Revamp Experience

Invest your 2 Days and Walk out with a Comprehensive 12 Month’s Brand Impact Maximization Strategy, Ready-to-Use from Day 3 itself!

Change your Business Results within 2 Weeks

Beyond competition, emerge as a Market Leader with an established Unique Value Proposition


Specially Handcrafted for

  • Seasoned & Startup Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers, Influencers & Brand Promoters
  • Investors, Mentors & Business Teachers


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Are you making the impact you can?

  • Is your Brand making its presence felt in the chaotic competition that goes around?
  • Is your Brand known for its unique value that it delivers?
  • Is your Brand creating an organic Brand Loyalty in your target groups?
  • Is your Brand inspiring enough to create a strong base of Organic Marketing Agents out of the customers that you’ve served?
  • Is your Marketplace aware of your Brand Promise, enough to make a buying decision based on the same?
  • Is your Brand exceeding or at-least living upto its own brand promise?
  • Are your Marketing Investments giving you the desired returns or turning into futile expenses most of the time?
  • Is your Brand Communication doing complete justice to what your Brand is really capable of delivering?
  • Is your Brand “The Brand” yet?
  • Have you truly capitalized the power of ‘Branding’?
  • What if there was a way out..?
  • What if, in a matter of 2 weeks you could change your Business Results, that too in a very pragmatic and sustainable manner?


OBU Aware Business brings to you one such high impact intervention, to get your Brand to the place you desire and it deserves...


Most of the Entrepreneurs struggle a lot to get their message across effectively, and to the right audiences, creating the most desired impact.


Marketing being one of the major investments for any business to grow, often fails to bring the desired results.


Often we are too sure about what our brand is capable of doing, but not equally sure if the market place also carries the same conviction in our brand.


Often Entrepreneurs find, that inspite of heavy investments of time, efforts and money on Brand Communication, surprisingly it just doesn’t seem enough to convince your market about your worth.


Does your Market know your Worth?


The best marketing strategy is the one that convincingly establishes your Brand’s true worth to your potential buyers, isn’t it?

Vibes & Waves, not just helps you carve out the best possible ready-to-use Brand Perception Strategy, but it goes beyond, and enables an Entrepreneur to become a Master Strategist in Communication Dynamics, thereby empowering the brand to create that lasting positive impact on the community, which is highly rewarding as well, tangibly and intangibly both ways.


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An Overview


Day 1 - The Brand Story


“Learn to experience and express the depth of your intentions..”


# The Science of Human Preceptions

1. Marketing Vs Branding – What makes the difference?

2. Brand Perception Strategy – A 3 Step Process

3. How to understand who you are and what you really bring to the table?


“Tread beyond just the product or the service.. become a solution, a value addition..”


# Discover your Originality, Beauty & Uniqueness..

1. Discovering your OBU Elements – Creating your ‘Original’ Identity

2. Being a ‘Creator’ - Enhancing your Creative Quotient & delivering Innovation

3. How to identify and target your potential customers?


“Master the art of story telling, by means of branding communication..”


# Creating a Brand..

1. Mastering Communication Design for your Business

2. Expressions & Experiences

3. Write your own Story


Day 2 - The Brand Strategy


“Get to 'Action Mode', but with an inclusive and lean strategy..”


# Brand Potential Hotspot Mapping

1. Core Branding – Values & Purpose

2. Impact Branding – Vision, Goals & Strategy

3. Process Branding – UVP* of Management

4. Product & Services Branding – UVP of Offerings

5. Communication Branding – UVP of Brand Communication

6. Delivery Features Branding – UVP of Delivery System

7. Customer Service Branding – UVP of Service Approach

8. Expansion Branding – UVP of Growth Approach


*Unique Value Proposition, is a set of established unique values associated with a brand, that un-comparably gives it the most original and unique identity of its own


1 to 1 Personal Consultations

Dedicated 120 minutes of Personal Strategic Consultation on Brand Impact Maximization, for each participating Entrepreneur


Live Strategy Making

An Elaborate & Comprehensive 12 Months’ Brand Perception Strategy for each participating Entrepreneur, which can be used from the very next day of the Program


  • Create a Promising Brand Identity
  • Exceed the Brand Promise and win hearts
  • Give your Brand that essential face-lift it deserves
  • Rejuvenate your Social Media & Field Marketing
  • Redesign your Sales Collateral to make them speak volumes about your 'Unique Value Proposition'


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You deserve the right attention, and your brand deserves appreciation for the value it brings to the world. Your story needs to be told, you must master the art of ‘expressions’...


“Don’t just be a Story Teller, go beyond, and be the story itself, an epic that inspires...”


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