Venky's Presents da High Cookout Feat Live Banned!

Venky's Presents da High Cookout Feat Live Banned!


About The Event

Yo Pune! The High Cookout this Sunday features Bangalore’s most entertaining stud machas - the one and only Live Banned. 
A five-piece funk band formed in 2010, their originals and medleys are popular for the humour, which can sometimes be intelligent and at other times, atrocious. The band satirises, restructures and twists popular music across genres and languages that appeals to everyone, from the man on the street to an audience from the corporate world. 
The performances are bold, flamboyant and energetic and shows a variety of influences like South Indian music, Bollywood, disco, pop, rock and even metal. But in their own words, they have categorized their genre to Awesome: Indo-International Mass Music’! 
The band members are:
Amrit Rao – Vocals
Dheerendra Doss – Drums
Dhruv Kumar – Guitars
Siddhart Kamath – Keyboards
Raveesh Tirkey –Bass
Brace yourself for their mash-ups, parodies, costumes, purposely used bad English and of course, the crazy levels of energy they promise to show. Come on home for what promises to be a really fun night with a lot of music and laughter!

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