Vendor Management and development

Vendor Management and development


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About The Event

Growing competition within the global economy has for many years been forcing enterprises to reduce their costs. However, traditional approaches have been limited to eliminating wastage within an enterprise. Another way has now opened up, through outsourcing. Cooperation with subcontractors can make them more efficient and thus enable goods to be purchased at lower prices.

 Vendor Management and Development will help you understand various strategies to be deployed to make purchasing a profit centre for the management through various processes:


 Vendor Selection & Management

 Takes you through the various strategies on vendor selection and management.

Partnerships .To achieve a high level of supplier development, the partnership idea has to be fully accepted both by the subcontractors and by the procuring (or contracting) enterprises, and it is thus necessary for enterprises to operate in a climate of equity and mutual trust, with a knowledge of and respect for each other’s rights and obligations.

 Vendor Development is a broad concept aimed at strengthening the performance of subcontracting firms not only by enabling them to acquire the skills and capacities required of them by the main contracting (or client) enterprise but also by raising their awareness and assisting them in reducing their costs.

 The program will help you define the necessary assistance to be provided to subcontracting firms in regard to cost control, pricing policy, technological improvements, quality management, certification, Internal enterprise organization, logistics and the environment..


Program Content:

 – Vendor Management /Development

 – Vendor Rationalization

 – Various models on Vendor Rating & Assessment

 – Vendor Selection

 – Alternate Source development

 – Single v/s Multiple Vendors

 – Local , National , International Vendor

 – Negotiation skills

 – Vendor Development – Value drivers

 – Quality Performance

 – Vendor flexibility

 – Volume consolidation

 – Delivery Performance

 – Vendor meet

 – Vendor reward scheme

 – Vendor satisfaction survey

 The program will help you analyze the supplier’s problems and the solutions to be adopted. It will help you develop cooperative relations with the suppliers which in turn will help you reduce your cost of procurement , reduce inventory levels , reduce overall cycle time , improve quality ,cut down wastes & redundant operations , implement better processes , essential for sustainable development and for achieving mutual benefits and forge “win-win” relationships.

 The program takes through various scientific methods (IBM & Bell) of Vendor Rating & Capability Assessment in order to develop a healthy Vendor base which will help you reduce your working capital and lead time of your products

 Helps you evaluate the SC flexibility to meet fluctuations in customers demand on increased volumes and advancing time lines.

Develop an enterprise culture centered on supplier’s accountability for quality and timely delivery.


Target Audience 

Target Audience (Vendor Management and Development )

The training is suitable for

  • Purchase Heads or
  • SCM Heads,
  • Vendor Managers,
  • Senior Operations Managers &
  • All Professionals in Sourcing & Procurement domain
  • Quality assuarnace deptts.

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