Velocity Reading Workshop

Velocity Reading Workshop


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About The Event


In September 2005, two of the wealthiest people in America, spent the day at the University of Nebraska addressing students and faculty. Though a generation apart in age, and founders of two very different businesses, they had an interesting response to the same question:


“If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?”


 “Leaders are Readers. In ’s information age, knowledge is not only power, it’s profit. The faster you can learn, the faster you can earn.”


As Buffet and Gates rightly said, we all are overwhelmed by Information. Therefore, it’s not an option of whether to Read more or not. If a person wants to be SUCCESSFUL then he/she has to read a lot.


The Average Reading Speed is between 150 – 250 Words per minute but Human Brain is capable to Read at 1000 Words per minute with proper understanding. That is how fast we can Read.


That means if you are reading for an hour daily (that includes reading emails, Texts, and WhatsApp Messages) that reduces to 45 minutes, 30 minutes, just to 15-20 minutes.


(Check your Reading Speed -



So my question to you is – Do you want to transform you Reading Style to get the superpower which Gates and Buffet wished they had?


If yes, then make sure to join our Velocity Reading Workshop


What will you learn in this VELOCITY READING Foundation course?


You will learn all the ways to

1- Increasing your Reading speed by 300%

2- Getting MAXIMUM UNDERSTANDING from a non-fiction book in 60 minutes

3- Bringing back lost INTEREST in Reading.


Please Note – Velocity reading techniques are applicable for E-books and all the online Reading which you do. (Reading various blogs, Mails etc.)


Plus you will also be getting a “21- Day Manual” with all the action steps for next 21 days. Worst case scenario of following the manual is your Reading Speed will be doubled.



Basic Velocity Reading workshop

Duration - 4 hours

Topics included


1.  Identifying habits which are causing you to be a slow reader.

2.  Speed Reading techniques

3.  How to approach any reading material

4.  How to read for ideas and not just words



Every two days now, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003, according to Eric Schmidt (Former CEO of Google).

Question to ponder on is - With this amount of data coming towards us, is our speed of going through that data has increased?



About our Trainer


Rupak Shah is an avid reader who finishes one book in every two days. Although completing his “Aircraft Maintenance Engineer” course, his passion for training and reading lead him to make a shift in his career. He is a Trainer who has trained and made a difference in reading style of professionals such as Engineers, Doctors, Chattered Accountants, Trainers, Coaches, Principal, Businessman, etc.  Also for students - from 3rd standard to Ph.D. level.

He has also done this Workshop in Corporates like Reliance - Commercial Finance, Reliance Global Corporate Security, BNP- Paribas and many others.


To check all of our recent activities -

Please contact 8286-211-823 in case you require any more details.



Thank you Rupak, your inputs and training on velocity reading have been a great help. Simple concepts with profound impact. I wish I had met you many years ago. I wound have read that much more and been that much wiser.”

-         RSR Murthy (C.F.O. – Madison)

Glimpses from our Corporate Workshops

BNP-Paribas | Goregaon

Feedback from few of the participants


I was not knowing about this strategy but I find this impressive and I think that will be beneficial for sure.

 – Praveen Pandey


It was a wonderful experience and this workshop will help me in future. And then will play a crucial role in my life.

-Niranjan Dharap


This Workshop was unique to me. Helped me in reading faster by following a particular way.

-Nitu R. Singh



 Reliance, Commercial Finance



Feedback from few of the participants


Training was very much needed for my professional and personal development. The trainer was very knowledgeable and was quite accessible in case of queries.

-Abhas Lohani


I read a book for the first time and too without force.

-Jigar Kothari


It was useful for all and especially for those who read a lot.

-Ashok Gudshe

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