VEGAN Potluck March 2015

VEGAN Potluck March 2015


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About The Event

International Tamil Veg Union (ITVU)


All Vegans, Aspiring Vegans & Non-Vegans

To try out this cruelty-free and healthy delicacy

Please bring and share your Vegan dish that DO NOT contain any animal based products:

* No dairy products (milk, buttermilk, paneer, ghee, cheese), 
* No eggs,
* No meat, 
* No seafood
* No honey


We are happy to announce the VEGAN POTLUCK on the below address on 29th March 2015, Sunday morning 11 am to evening 4 pm.


What is a vegan? What is veganism?


Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggsdairy productsand all other animal-derived ingredients. Many vegans also do not eat foods that are processed using animal products, such as refined white sugar and some wines.


Vegan refers to either a person who follows this way of eating, or to the diet itself. That is, the word vegan can be an adjective used to describe a food item, as in, "This curry is vegan"or, it can be used as a noun, as in, "Vegans like cookies, too."


What do vegans eat?


This is perhaps the most common question about veganism. A vegan diet includes allgrains, beans, legumes, vegetables and fruits and the nearly infinite number of foods made by combining them.


In addition, many vegan versions of familiar foods are available, so you can eat vegan hot dogs, ice creamcheese and vegan mayonnaise along with the more familiar veggie burgers. Many foods are associated with veganism, such as soy milk and tofu, but many non-vegans also enjoy tofu, andyou certainly don't have to like tofu in order to eat vegan.


Vegans also eat many of the same common and familiar every day foods such as a green salad, spaghetti, and chips and salsa which just about everyone eats. For example, foods such as a vegetarian burrito without cheese or sour cream would be vegan, a vegetarian Thai curry made from coconut milk is vegan, pasta with tomato sauce or another non-meat and non-dairy sauce is vegan, and most breads are vegan.


Let us be a VEGAN !!!

Let us play our part in saving animals !!!



~ ~ ~ Pick up & Drop Off Available!!!! ~ ~ ~

We have arranged a Van (Tempo traveler) for a group ride (pick up & drop off) to our Potluck location. 
If you need a ride, you have to come and wait outside:


Ten (10) Square Mall, State Highway 2, Koyambedu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600107 (near Koyambedu Bus Terminus). 

Please make sure you can arrive by 10:00 a.m. or earliest. If you are late if you may have to plan your ride.


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