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-India has a demographic advantage of a large population and numerous gaps in the Indian education ecosystem, providing huge opportunity to the busi

VCCircle India Education Summit 2013


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Fireside Chat: Potentials of Indian Education system: Will 2013-14 revolutionize education spectrum?

-India has a demographic advantage of a large population and numerous gaps in the Indian education ecosystem, providing huge opportunity to the businesses and entrepreneurs in the sector. How will ongoing crowd of students in India benefit entrepreneurs?
-There are plenty of investments witnessed in the education space, but somewhere investments are found accumulated in homogenous products, which further steps down for lower ROI, so how will unique characteristics in a product or how will innovations drive in getting influx of funds and re-build investor confidence in the healthcare market?
-Driven by robust demand, will education sector in India cross $110bn mark in near 1 to 2 years?
- What are the outcomes experienced by leaders, who are addressing to the needs of all key stakeholders within the education realm?

Panel: A Look beyond Traditional Education Institutions
With opportunities springing up at every nook and corner, how are innovative career options absorbing new enrollments? Is it a next big move for learning management system? Are online courses alluring for modern Indian students? Will the firms monetize from online teaching strategies? What is the investment scenario in emerging technology aided education sector?

Panel: Core Education Sector: Kinder garten to K-12 & Higher Education
Securing the demographic dividend, what are the other remarkable approach taking K-12 sector towards reaching $50billion? What are the steps undertaken to maintain requisite student teacher ratio (STR), clearing infrastructure maze and mitigate dearth of competent teachers & faculty? How will funding narrow gap in demand-supply scenario? Impact of PPP model in accelerating institutions autonomy & university education

Panel: Pre –school, coaching institutes, multimedia/IT & vocational training: An extension to brain gain
Initiatives taken by private sector, is it fostering the growth of non-core segments or is it losing industry appeal? In what manner, providing extended concessions and accommodating payment of installments scaling non formal segment? Is this market attractive enough for investments? Is there a room for additional education space and what are the factors that intensify competition in non-core segment?

Panel: Corporate initiatives: New dimension for training solutions and employability
Corporates involved in training programme, is it just the commercialization of education or does it lead India to meet international standards, and create best global talents? How can the conflict between profit goals of Corporates and non profit objectives of setting up educational institution be resolved? Is corporate India ready for funding educationally disadvantaged sections of the society and how much does it cost a firm? How do corporate initiatives assist structure education, medical, engineering and management courses? Does education sector still remains hungry for investment and why is Corporate India a solution to the woes of investment and facilitating quality standards?

Panel: Private equity infusion in Indian Education Sector
Education as an attractive asset class, and overall minor correlation with the broader economic trend is luring private equity players into education space arena. How crucial is PE players role in funding private education sector? What are the financial returns to the PE investors for investing in education space? Are private investors carefully monitoring and investing in the education sector?


Panel: Regulatory reforms: Is it designed to build Investor confidence?
Growing recent initiatives such as RTE Act, bills & schemes related to higher education & vocational education is managing to seek investor attention. Will such regulatory transformation bring changes in the way quality, access & equity is analyzed? The big question is : Will regulatory initiatives work? How effective will they be in improving delivery system, R&D structure and providing quality education? What are the challenges needed to overcome before India can revive education system?

Entrepreneur Story: Balanced Blend of Updated Curriculum & Technology enhancement in Indian Education Institutions
How quickly is Indian education industry moving towards digital teaching solutions? Deep involvement of technology and changing revolution in the way students learn is fascinating one’s mind, so is this development a viable option considering the pattern of financing, size & strength of Indian masses? How does education institutes manage to cut cost, transform infrastructure, improve quality and provide assessment tools all together at one time? Does it still remain an uphill task for education sector to get diversification in the study pattern?


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