VBA Macros Programming - Quick Learn Series ( 2 Days)

VBA Macros Programming - Quick Learn Series ( 2 Days)


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About The Event

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is the programming language of Excel and other Office programs. Want to learn much more about VBA programming in Excel? Join our 2 days crash course on VBA macros programming. Learn all the aspect of VBA coding by practicing. Our experts trainer will help you to learn the concepts quickly and also create a mini project at the end of the second half.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Introduction to Macros Programming.
    Using macro recorder.
    Getting Familiar with VBA Editor.
    Writing basic code.
    VBA syntax to refer an object.
    Object Properties & Methods.
    Working with cell/range object
    Working with cells, sheets and workbooks
    VBA code to copy paste.
    Objects and Collections
    Conditions and Loops
    Using IF condition in VBA.
    IF-Else and IIF conditions.
    Multiple IF vs Select Case
    Do While Loop
    For-Each & For-Next
    Loop between sheets and workbooks.
    Functions and Events
    Creating formulas with VBA.
    Calling functions and procedures.
    Using XL Formulas in VBA code.
    Passing arguments to functions.
    Workbook events.
    Sheet Events
    Cell Change Events
    Charts, Pivots and Userforms
    Creating dynamic charts with Excel.
    Code to create and update Charts.
    Creating Pivots with VBA.
    Creating Userform to gather information.
    Design Userform.
    Working with Userform controls.
    Creating a responsive Userform.
    Error Handling Techniques


Learn the tricks from the experts.

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