Valuation and Financing of Infra And Real Estate Companies - Mumbai, 1st June 2017

Valuation and Financing of Infra And Real Estate Companies - Mumbai, 1st June 2017


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About The Event


In real estate, property values are not the same as property prices. Property value is an estimate of what a home or a piece of land is actually worth; the price may be higher or lower, depending on who has the best bargaining skills, who wants the deal most and whether there were any incentives thrown in to sweeten the deal. The property value is often referred to as the fair market value. Fair market value is the estimated price a buyer and seller could agree on if both were interested in making a deal. The definition assumes that both parties have sufficient information about the market and the property, and that the property has been on the market for a reasonable period of time.There has been many situations where real estate valuation becomes major aspect in decision making, family partition, legal battles, mergers and acquisitions, Balance Sheet exposures, Mortgages to banks as securities, land bank valuation for IPOs, Networth and NAV of Realty Funds and for financial statements.


The Real Estate Management Program brings industry leaders together with real estate practitioners to examine real-world scenarios, best practices, resource and design innovations, and effective leadership techniques for competing successfully in an increasingly complex market. It is designed to help you better position your firm for short-term stability and long-term growth.


Why you should attend:


  • Helps you get an exposure to the benefits and opportunities within the real estate industry.
  • Session would be anchored by real estate experts who will share in their vast knowledge of the workings of the industry and provide deep insights on dealing with the challenges, technicalities and prospects of the industry.
  • Helps gain thorough insights into technical areas in the real estate industry while acquiring new skills and competencies.




Session 1: Real estate valuation- Legal process and approaches of Valuation


Session 2: Funding options for real estate


Session 3: Valuation approaches of Infra Companies


Session 4: Financing of Infra Companies


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