Vaikunta Ekadasi 2017

Vaikunta Ekadasi 2017


  • Vaikunta Ekadasi 2017

    Vaikunta Ekadasi special Rituals Protects from all bad energies and negative impacts.

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About The Event

Vaikunta Ekadashi - Liberate Yourself from Sins and Attain Salvation

The doors of Vaikunta, the abode of Lord Narayana opens on Vaikunta Ekadashi. Here there’s no dearth of prosperity because everything is available in abundance. The auspicious day falls on the eleventh day of Shukla Paksha or the waxing phase of the moon.

Special prayers and rituals are offered to Lord Vishnu for the sake of devotees and we at Vedicfolks have lined up special ceremonies for the day. The Narayana Kavacham is a powerful mantra that was given to Lord Indira to protect himself from the dreadful demon Vritrasura. The word Kavach means shield and therefore the very sound of the mantra, the pulsation of breath, the way the words are uttered and the lines of wisdom which convey the meaning of the words, act as a shield by itself. 

Vaikunta Ekadashi 2017

A Day of Cosmic Consciousness

Narayana Kavacham Vedicfire Rituals

Get Superior Protection For All Kinds Of Sufferings

Scheduled Live on December 29, 2017 @ 6 PM IST

Vaikunta Ekadasi Special Rituals

  • Narayana Kavacha Homam
  • Dwarapalaka Puja
  • Moksha Lakshmi Puja
  • Sudarshana Chakra Puja
  • Veera Raghava Perumal Temple Pooja

Narayana Kavacha Homam

The Bagawatha Purana has certain sublime and melodic compilation of works contributed by the great seer Veda Vyasa. Of them, there’s a passage dedicated to Lord Narayana called the Narayana Kavacham. This acts as a protective shield to those befallen with misfortunes, oppression, tension, diseases, panic or alarm, negative influences of the planet or any other social impacts etc.

The Narayana Kavacham also called ‘Vaishnavi Vidya’, bestows never yielding protection against attack from any quarter. Its repetition emancipates one from all ailments and misdeeds. It calls upon Godhead to safeguard you from all wrong doings, from pride, from desire, neglecting the divine, unending conflict, poisonous food, from blame, ignorance, from Saturn effects, evil ways etc.

How Narayana Kavacham Homam will influence your life

  • Removes all planetary doshas especially of Mercury and Jupiter
  • It removes past life sins of Pitru and Guru Dosha
  • Elevates your spiritual wisdom and offers guru’s blessings
  • Protects from all bad energies and negative impacts
  • Grants abundant wealth and prosperity equal to Lord Indra
  • Paves way for attainment of Moksha


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