Book Online Tickets for UXINDIA 2014 - International Conference , Bengaluru. A confluence of thought leadership in design from the industry, the institution and the individual to ignite, inspire and delight communities through design-driven social change. UXINDIA is a platform to build and sustain the implementation of d

UXINDIA 2014 - International Conference on User Experience Design


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About The Event

A confluence of thought leadership in design from the industry, the institution and the individual to ignite, inspire and delight communities through design-driven social change. 

UXINDIA is a platform to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking for social change by bringing the three essential pillars together. Educational institutions, industries and the international alliances need to work together by bringing their expertise and by cross-pollinating to drive a much bigger cause of social change by design besides their individual businesses.

User experience design is an approach to the design of products and services that look beyond the design of the artifact itself to the experience it creates for the people who use it. Traditionally this has been the approach driven by designers and businesses in order to create delightful experiences for their customers. 

UXINDIAis being organized by UsabilityMatters.Org(UMO) in association with Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore as Academic Partner.

Insights, inspiration and innovation

With the explosion of mobility and social media, the fabric of experience design stretches beyond the conventional boundaries. Users who use it are now increasingly influencing the design of the products and services. And the behavior and psychology of these users in turn is increasingly influenced by the evolving patterns of mobile usage and social influence. 

From user experience to human experience, we are seeing a critical shift in the way we all need to be thinking about consumption and communication that happens around a product and service. Mobile devices and social extensions have blurred the boundaries between personal life and professional life. More importantly businesses and organizations now have channels to understand and gain deeper insights into evolving user patterns and social influences. 

This is where the role of educational institutions becomes central in bridging the gap between businesses and social communities. Gaining insight into the user behavior and psychology with changing social patterns is critical in influencing and inspiring design for having a greater chance of sustained innovation.
This three day event welcomes all interested students, start-ups and professions. They could be involved in Information, Usability, Interaction, User Experience, Program Management and Engineering. We welcome all design enthusiasts. 

UXINDIA aims at bringing the three responsible players of the ecosystem, educational institutes, business and individuals interested in design onto a common platform to collaborated in driving social change.

Theme :: Driving value through customer experience
In today's highly connected and extremely competitive world, providing value to customers is paramount in creating a lasting impact and strong brand. Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to create business value, or an enterprise trying to differentiate from competition in offering customer value, or if you are a government or NGO org striving to provide social value through governance it's really critical to be value centric for your customers.

UX india has been building an ecosystem value chain around its three key pillars education, collaboration and innovation over the years which formed the very basis of growing interest in our events.The focus for this year's event UXINDIA 2014 is driving value through customer experience. UX India has been building a platform over several years to bring together inspired individuals, institutions and business to drive economic and social value. No matter who you are, we all strive in different ways to build business by providing value to our customers at various levels through various stages of customer engagement.

UX India 2014 invites everyone involved in defining, refining and delivering value to their customers through customer centric design and business thinking. You could be a designer, developer, product manager, business owner, researcher, marketing professional or other; we encourage you all to spark our imagination through your inspiring stories, case studies, projects, research insights, designs, products, services and processes that add value to your customers.
Please submit your proposals to present at our speaker sessions and inspire our audience through engaging workshops that will drive value through customer experience.

Terms & Conditions


The following rules apply to cancellations and transfers:

Cancellations must be received in writing: E-mail:

  • For cancellations received before September 9, 2014, registration fees will be refunded at 50%.
  • Cancellations received on September 9, 2014 or later will not be eligible for a refund
  • No refunds will be given for No Shows
  • Transfers: Registrations are transferable, we require notice of such in writing, a minimum of 5days prior to the event.

Event Cancellation:

In the unlikely event that the UXINDIA 2014 conference needs to be cancelled because of weather, sickness or other unexpected event, UXINDIA will completely refund the purchase price of tickets. No other liability will be incurred or accepted by UX INDIA in the event of a cancellation.


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