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UTSAH - Startups Research Industry Connect Series


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About The Event

UTSAH is is a monthly boot camp series proposed by IIITH, where we will get architects and engineering leaders from companies actively working on intelligent systems, and research scholars and faulty from various research institutions. To exchange experiences, insights and deliberate on the challenges.

Below are the details of the meetup on 1 April, 2017.

Speaker Name: Rajesh Dachiraju (Speech Engineer at Interactive Intelligence Inc.)

Topic: Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis.

Small Deion about the talk: With increase in advent of computing technology, building natural sounding synthetic voices has grown out of lab and reaching people in various forms of products. While existing unit selection based synthesizers are doing well, they have limited scope for future improvements and have various disadvantages like memory requirement, long development time etc. The technology of statistical parametric synthesis has become a real deal and catching up well, especially with the use of deep learning. The Speaker will discuss his work and my thoughts in statistical parametric speech synthesis.

Speaker Name: Shailesh Kumar (Co-Founder & Chief Scientist at ThirdLeap).

Topic: AI, the next disruption in Education. 

Education is one of the most fundamental of human endeavours. It defines the direction and quality of human civilisation. Yet, ironically, it is the most neglected sectors in spite of tremendous growth in Internet, Cloud computing, Devices, and AI. AI has traditionally been used to improve search engines, e-commerce portals, sales, marketing, advertising, investments, and media consumption, etc. It is only recently that AI has been slowly catching up on more fundamental use cases such as Education, Healthcare, and Agriculture, etc. In this talk, we will explore the many ways in which Artificial Intelligence can fundamentally transform Education for our future generations, how it can re-define the meaning of "school", a "library", and a "teacher" in the near future.

Looking forward to your participation.


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