Book Online Tickets for UR-Turn Band Competition/Showdown, Chennai. Free Entry 
Rs. 25,000 In Cash Prizes. 1st Prize Rs. 10,000 (for each genre)2nd Prize Rs. 2500 (for each genre) starts at 2:00 PM. Finalists will play for the showdown at 6:00 PM.REGISTRATIONRegis

UR-Turn Band Competition/Showdown


About The Event

Free Entry 

Rs. 25,000 In Cash Prizes. 

1st Prize Rs. 10,000 (for each genre)
2nd Prize Rs. 2500 (for each genre)

Event starts at 2:00 PM. Finalists will play for the showdown at 6:00 PM.

Registration is open to everyone. 
Register Online at
Online Payment
Please read all rules before registering your band.

Bands can participate in the following two genres: 
1) Electric/Rock (Rs. 500 Registration Fee)
2) Acoustic/Acapella (Rs. 500 Registration Fee)
(A band participating in both genres need to register/pay for each genre)
Registration Fee can be paid online or by hand.
Registration Fees are Non-refundable. 
Registration Deadline: THURSDAY, 24th November at 12:00 PM 

Select 2 songs from the list of songs provided below for each genre.
Please ONLY listen to the songs provided on youtube by us, no other versions/alternatives.
Contact us if want all the songs on a CD.

  • The 1st song has to be covered as close to the original song as possible.
  • The 2nd song has to be covered using your own style & creativity.
  • 15 Minutes will be your stage time limit (including setup & sound check.)
  • No modifications to the lyrics of the songs.
  • Please bring your own Guitars & Keyboards.

Electric/Rock Song List

"Fear No Evil" by "Impellitteri"
"Awake & Alive" by "Skillet"
"Move" by "MercyMe"
"The Sound Of Truth" by "As I lay Dying"
"Rock That Makes Me Roll" by "Stryper"
"I Am On The Rock" by "Petra"
"Cinderella" by "Billy Yesudian"

Acoustic/Acapella Song List

"In The Light" by "DC Talk"
"Flood" by "Jars Of Clay"
"Call on Jesus" by "Nicole C. Mullen"
"Why Should The Father Bother" by "Petra"
"Three Wooden Crosses" by "Randy Travis"
"Awesome God" by "Glad"
"Saviour Redeemer" by "PowerHouse Church"

Equipment Provided
5 Microphones 
Guitar Amp 
Bass Amp 
Keyboard Amp 

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