UNSTORY - shaping the personal narrative by Hemant Bohra

UNSTORY - shaping the personal narrative by Hemant Bohra


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About The Event

A legendary tale inspires you to dream big while a gritty account motivates you to overcome challenges. However, the narrative that pushes you to achieve your goals is none other than yours. 

We seldom think about the most important story of our life - the one that lies between our dreams and our inhibitions. When expressed well, it helps us find the strength and courage to follow our imagination. But to articulate a powerful narrative and reap it’s benefits, you need the toolbox of a storyteller. 

UNSTORY takes you inside a storyteller’s mind to understand the purpose and components of a narrative that moves audiences. It introduces you to the six wise men and explains how they can make a difference to your story thereby helping you to achieve your dreams.


About Hemant Bohra

Hemant Bohra is a storyteller, entrepreneur and author. He recently published his book Your Story Your Way. In addition to consulting large corporates for over two decades, Hemant conducts seminars that help people not only comprehend the stories that have come to dominate our lives but also discover the narrative that pushes us towards our goals.

To know more about Hemant and his book, visit: (https://www.facebook.com/yourstoryyourway/)

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