Underwater Diving Scuba Dive in Goa

Underwater Diving Scuba Dive in Goa


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 We Provide Scuba & Snorkeling Services:There are several scuba dive packages in Goa, which you can avail at economical rates. Scuba (abbreviated form of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) diving can be done by anyone, however when you zero in the scuba dive package, experienced divers will give you scuba dive training that will help you slip through the waters and take maximum joy discovering the underwater plants and creatures. Prices range of Scuba diving in goa anywhere between Rs 3,500 and 5,500, depending on watersports providers.


The scuba dive training imparted by PADI (Professional Connection of Diving Instructors) qualified diver usually starts at 7 am. All scuba diving packages have the same itinerary - a coaching session in a swimming pool after a brief introduction, going to Grande Island on panel a boat, light appetizers, etc.

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