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Un-Herd: Conversations of Change


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About The Event

Remember the famous dialogue from Dead Poet's Society "Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for?"

In today's trending world of entrepreneurs and start-ups, artists from different walks of the society have made it their mission to prove otherwise and have made their art, a way of living and sustenance.

How do we pair raw artistic talent with an entrepreneurial mindset to get the best of both worlds?

'Un-herd' brings to you real stories, raw conversations and a sneak-peak into the lives of art-repreneurs who have not compromised on their dreams or their way of living.

Take their train, discover your route and when the journey ends, the station we drop you at won’t be your destination. But you will surely know where to go from there. And we guarantee occasional glimpses into the inner recesses and passages of your heart and mind you’ve never seen before.

Come, board the train with us.

Target Audience:

Artists: Painters, Poets, Writers, Musicians, Dancers, Photographers and anyone with a creative side who want to understand how they can cultivate their passion and talent into an up and running business.

  • Why – Conversations and case studies about real time artists and dissecting their formula to success will help artists gain an insight about the path they can take to further their passion. We will be looking at why a lot of artists have not successfully been able to transform their idea to implementation and how we can avoid that pathway. The workshop will help them identify their individual style.

Working individuals and College students that want to be their own boss but do not have a business idea.

  • Why – The workshop will have activities based on Idea Generation, how real-world problems can make for great business ideas, how to identify and leverage them.

Budding entrepreneurs with business ideas but do not know how to proceed.

  • Why – Attending the workshop will help them understand the pathway from ideation, validation to business model, fundraising to sales, marketing and branding.

Individuals who have not identified their career goals.

  • Why – The workshop is segmented into activities that will help them understand their individual self-better along with self-branding tactics to elevate themselves in their current career paths.

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