ULCHEMY A two day transformation program in Tirpur

ULCHEMY A two day transformation program in Tirpur


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    ULCHEMY is a secret to reveal many secrets

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About The Event

Discover the greatness within you to progress & scale up in your personal life as well as your professional life.We take pride to invite youto the life transformation program “ULCHEMY”.

It is time for people in Tirupurto experience Ulchemy & feel the transformation within you like other fellow beings from Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Tirupur.  

About Ulchemy Program

Alchemy is a process which transforms any low-grade metal into a precious metal. When the transformation happens in a human being we call it ULCHEMY...Ultimate aLCHEMY.

How ULCHEMY can help you?

This program helps you to experience a higher level of clarity in life be it personal, professional or business related. Ulchemy also helps you to discover the ability within you to overcome all your challenges in a most simple and efficient manner.

Simplicity is the uniqueness of this program. Ulchemy creates a significant impact in your day to day life by bringing in clarity, calmness, bliss. The program also helps you to be energetic throughout the day and manifests all your goals.

ULCHEMY is a secret to reveal many secrets.

-         Unfolds the immense human potential.

-         Move from linear and lateral to radiant thinking.

-         Effortless and effective communication.

-         Immense clarity in human values and relationships.

-         Clarity in GOAL setting and achieving the same.

-         Possessing the feel of being energetic throughout the day.

-         Reveals the true leader within you.

You can really have a greater experience by attending the two day Ulchemy session.


About Shiva - The Ulchemist


Mr.Siva, the Ulchemist is the founder of Dakshina Foundations and the architect behind Ulchemy. He is a man of many facets. He is an entrepreneur, corporate consultant, software engineer, business lead in a MNC, all rolled into one. Shiva is a strong leader, spiritual guru, good friend and a perpetual learner.


Read about Shiva at http://ulchemy.in/ulchemist



Ulchemy Program Schedule




Free Intro


5:30 P.M

Day 1


8:30 A.M -6:30 P.M

Day 2


8:30 A.M -6:30 P.M

There will be a free introduction about Ulchemy by Mr. Shiva on 25th May 2015 from 5.30pm at Hotel Gowri Krishna, Palladam Road, Tirupur.

Please register your name & phone number for the free session on or before 24th May 2015.


Program Details

Day 1

Day 2 

  Session 1: 

Self-Manual – Introduction 

  Session 1:

Door to success   – Step 2 

  Session 2:

‘ Simply LOOKING ’ – Key 1

  Session 2: 

‘ Ultimate Alchemy ‘

                       Lunch break (30 minutes)

                       Lunch break (30 minutes)

  Session 3: 

‘ Feel the Gift ’  – Key 2

   Session 3:

Know the real ‘ POWER HOUSE ‘

  Session 4: 

Door to success  – Step 1

   Session 4:

Birth of a “LEADER”




Video testimonials from people who have attended Ulchemy


Ulchemy Experience of Dr.G.Bakthavachalam (Chairman, K.G. Hospital Coimbatore) at https://youtu.be/R2VarK9G_qY


Ulchemy experience of Ms Naveena at https://youtu.be/TJ8jjkRJXDU


Ulchemy after effects Chennai - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEvXvDqkCco


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